UCAR 2011 Annual Meetings

2011 Annual Meeting-At-Glance

This year’s meeting will continue our three-year conversation on how the UCAR community can contribute to making our nation more resilient to severe weather and a changing climate.   We have talked about university-city partnerships and toolkits and interesting ways to combine science and art to improving our teaching in the classroom and public settings.  This year we will focus on workforce issues.  In particular, creating the right leaders and workforce for the future given skills needs, changing demographics, and expected weather and climate-related stresses.   Some highlights of the meeting (and reason why you should attend):

  • Keynotes and Alliance Workshop.  Arizona State University’s President Michael Crow and Do-It-Yourself University author Anya Kamenetz will be discussing whether universities are properly preparing students for complex environmental-related careers, whether universities are pricing themselves out of the training market, and how students are looking for more cost effective and innovative ways to acquire needed skills.  Those presentations will be followed by a community discussion on these ideas and how other communities are using “alliances” to address these issues.  There will also be a Community Alliance Workshop on 6 October to follow-up on these alliance ideas. (Click here for additional Forum/Workshop info.)

  • Communicating Science Topics.  Early Career Faculty guests can participate in a hands-on Media and Policy Communication Workshop and all meeting attendees can participate in a luncheon panel discussion on the place of science in public debates. (Please send Aneka Finley the early career faculty's member's name and email address, and she will send him or her an invitation to attend and meeting information. We will support travel.)

  • Community Updates.  Get updates on UCAR and NCAR programs, national research budget and program updates, and elect Board of Trustees and Member committee membership.

  • Networking.  Network with your colleagues, UCAR/NCAR staff and programs, and help steer the consortium!



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Travel information: Susie Siders, 303.497.1650
Additional meeting information: Aneka Finley, 303.497.1655
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