Travel Guidelines

Mode of travel. If a private automobile is taken on a business trip for the personal convenience of the traveler, reimbursement will be made either on the basis of applicable mileage plus subsistence or what would have been coach-class air travel plus applicable subsistence expenses, whichever is less.

Air travel. Travelers must use coach class (or less) fares unless otherwise authorized by UCAR, or unless the use of other accommodation is required for medical reasons. The use of other accommodations for medical or other reasons must, except in emergencies, be approved in advance by UCAR. All air travel must be by U.S. flag carriers to the extent that service by such carriers is available. Travelers are permitted to book their own flights and submit for reimbursement or flights may be direct billed to UCAR by booking travel thought Boulder Travel.

Private automobile. The use of a private automobile on official business will be reimbursed at a standard mileage rate (currently .50/mile). The use of a private automobile for travel beyond 500 miles total distance requires prior approval by UCAR.

Rental cars. The actual, reasonable cost of rental cars is a reimbursable expense. Collision and liability insurance for a rental car is NOT necessary, and therefore not a reimbursable expense, as coverage will be provided for both physical damage to the vehicle and for third-party liability through UCAR's insurance.

Lodging. Reasonable lodging expenses will be reimbursed at cost on submission of receipts. Unusually high claims for lodging will require a statement explaining the circumstances.

Meals and incidentals. Most meals are provided during the meetings so a  per diem allowance of $40.50/day for full days and $27 for travel days may be used by the traveler in lieu of the itemization of actual costs of meals and tips.

Miscellaneous expenses. A traveler on official UCAR business will be reimbursed for certain miscellaneous costs incurred when itemized on a travel expense claim voucher and approved. Such miscellaneous items are limited to the following:

  • Itemized telephone calls and faxes required in connection with official UCAR business. Reimbursement also will be made for itemized reasonable telephone costs made to family members when necessary because of changes in itinerary or family emergencies. Persons called and reasons for calls must be listed with costs
  • Internet connection fees while on UCAR business.
  • Parking expenses incurred while conducting UCAR business.

Travel accident insurance. All UCAR travelers are insured under UCAR's Travel Accident Insurance Policy. Costs for other travel insurance will not be reimbursed.

Entertainment while traveling. Any cost for entertainment for self or colleagues while traveling is not reimbursable.

Travel expense claim vouchers. Travel expense claims should be signed and submitted to UCAR within a maximum of two weeks after the completion of the trip. The travel expense claim must list all expenses to be reimbursed, and include all receipts,. A Travel voucher must be submitted for all trips that include any portion of the trip that is direct billed to UCAR including rental cars, hotel rooms, and flights.

NB: Miscellaneous expenses incurred as a result of travel are reimbursed when itemized on a "Travel Voucher;" supported by receipts, original if possible; and approved. (Although receipts are not required for individual miscellaneous expenses of less than $50, the Travel Office suggests they be submitted with the travel voucher when available.)

Don't forget to sign your travel voucher.

Travel Guidelines
June 2010