UCAR 2010 October Meetings

Status Reports and Presentations:

Other Information:

Forum Presentations (Communicating Science):

The 2010 Forum was focused on examples of scientists and artists joining forces to improve the way we communicate science to the public and in the classroom. It started out with a keynote by photographer Chris Jordan followed by two panels of scientists/artists – Panel 1 focused on the public and Panel 2 on classroom experiences. After the panels we discussed two community initiatives: (1) creating university-city climate adaptation partnerships and (2) creating a national climate adaptation curriculum. People interested in either of these two initiatives can sign up at: survey link. The Forum ended with early career scientists and faculty talking about how their needs can be met by the national center over the next 50 years.

UCAR Forum Introduction (Raj Pandya) and Luncheon Speaker (Chris Jordan) Webcast

Panel 1

Panel 2

Elections (Trustees and Members Committees):

The Members elected the following to the UCAR Board of Trustees:

Institutional Trustees



Member Committees:

The Members elected the following new committees members:

President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR)  - 3 year terms:

Eugene Cordero, San Jose State University
Greg Hakim, University of Washington
Bob Hart, Florida State University
Dave Nolan, University of Miami
Yvette Richardson, Pennsylvania State University
Roger Samleson, Oregon State University
Sharon Zhong, Michigan State University 

Membership Committee - 3 yr terms:
Lourdes Aviles Bramer, Plymouth State University
Daniel Keyser, SUNY, Albany
Jennie Moody, University of Virginia
Todd Sikora, Millersville University

Nominating Committee - 1 year term:
Steve Ackerman, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Susan Avery, Woods Hole
Eric Betterton, University of Arizona
Bill Easterling, Pennsylvania State University
Everette Joseph, Howard University
Nicole Mölders, University of Alaska
Walt Robinson, North Carolina State University
Susan Ustin, University of California, Davis

Scientific Program Evaluations Committee – 3-5-year terms
Jim Anderson, Arizona State University
Mary Jo Richardson, Texas A&M University
Dick Johnson, Colorado State University
Jim Kinter, George Mason University
Bob Dickinson, University of Texas - Austin

Membership Committee Report:

The following institutions were re-elected to UCAR Membership:

The following institution was elected as the 76th UCAR Member:
Michigan State University (PDF)

And for information purposes, the new Academic Affiliate institutions were approved by the Membership Committee in June 2010.

2011 Renewals:
The following UCAR memberships will expire on 31 December 2011. Later this fall (2010), UCAR Corporate Affairs office will contact the Members’ Representatives from these institutions to learn of their intent to renew, and let them know of the Membership renewal procedures and schedule for submission of materials.

UCAR Members

University of Alaska, Fairbanks
University of California, Berkeley
University of Colorado
Colorado State University
Columbia University
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
University of Texas, Austin
University of Utah
University of Virginia
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Academic Affiliates

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
University of North Dakota
Jackson State University
Millersville University
San Jose State University

The Procedures for preparing your renewal application can be found at: www.ucar.edu/governance/members/membercrit.shtml

UCAR Members Meeting 2010

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Click here for candid "Photo Booth" photos from the UCAR Members' Banquet

UCAR's 50th Anniversary:

50th anniversary remarks from Senator Mark Udall: