UCAR 2010 October Meetings
Airline Reservations & Ground Transportation Information

Please note: The following form will be submitted directly to Boulder Travel. A copy will also be sent to the UCAR Corporate Affairs office for their records.

You will receive an emailed itinerary from Boulder Travel, with a tentative flight schedule. However, your tickets will NOT be issued until you have approved them with Boulder Travel. Be sure to approve your itinerary via email with Boulder Travel**within 24 hours** to insure your reservations are confirmed.

Enter name EXACTLY as it appears on the ID you are using (driver's license or passport.)
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Cell Phone Number (in case of any flight schedule changes):

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Which airport will you be departing from?

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Ground Transportation :
As always, UCAR actively supports alternatives to in-town car travel, thus we request that you use one of the shuttle services between Boulder and DIA, and the shuttle UCAR provides for transportation between the hotel and meeting place. UCAR will be providing transportation between the meeting location and each of the hotels before and after the meetings.

The Boulder Super Shuttle will take you from DIA to any hotel in the Boulder area. No reservations are needed from DIA to Boulder, just go to the Boulder SuperShuttle counter located along the West Terminal wall near Baggage Claim. Shuttles leave ten minutes past every hour with additional shuttles leaving every half hour during busy afternoon and evening hours. You will need a reservation to take the Boulder SuperShuttle back to DIA; you can make that reservations when you pick up the shuttle to come to Boulder or online at http://www.yellowtrans.com/supershuttle/boulder_supershuttle_home.htm. They will pick you up at your hotel or you can schedule them to pick you up at one of the UCAR campuses.

If, however, you decide to rent a car, it is highly recommended that you carpool with collegues traveling close to the same arrival/departure times. You can make arrangements with Boulder Travel by clicking on one of the boxes below.

NB: please do not accept the supplemental car insurance. Because you are traveling on UCAR business, you will be automatically covered through UCAR, thus the supplemental charges are not reimbursable.

Rental Car: Yes: No:

Additional Comments or Special Instructions/Requests

If you prefer to speak with someone directly at Boulder Travel regarding your airline reservations or car rental, please contact:
Boulder Travel, by calling toll free (800)-336-0380 and ask for:

Tania Down at Ext. 1334 or Michelle Egen at Ext. 1447

UCAR Contacts:

Meeting travel information: Susie Siders, 303.497.1650
Additional meeting information: Aneka Finley, 303.497.1655
For questions regarding this website please contact michelle@ucar.edu

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