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Members' Nominating Committee Report

The UCAR Members' Nominating Committee met in Boulder, Colorado, on 24 June 2009, to discuss the nominations for positions on the Board of Trustees and Member committees.

The survey to solicit suggestions from the Members' Representatives for Trustee and Member committee slates had been conducted and the results were compiled and provided to the Committee in advance of the meeting.

Our thanks to all of you who sent in your nominations.

As always, these nominees have been selected with very careful consideration given to achieving a broad range of backgrounds and experience considered important to the conduct of the business of the consortium.   

Nominating Committee Members:

  • Jim Anderson – Arizona State University, Chair
  • Otis Brown – University of Miami
  • Greg Carmichael - University of Iowa
  • Nicole Mölders – University of Alaska-Fairbanks
  • Bob Rauber – University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign
  • Steve Rutledge – Colorado State University
  • Susan Ustin - University of California, Davis
  • Minghua Zhang – SUNY, Stony Brook

UCAR Board of Trustees Slate:

Institutional and At-Large Trustee Candidates:
Personal statements, biographical information as well as nominating statements by committee members for each of the Trustee candidates are provided at the links below.

Nominees for Institutional Trustee:
Anne Thompson, Pennsylvania State University
Eric Saltzman, University of California - Irvine
Eugene Tackle, Iowa State University
Katherine Jacobs, University of Arizona
Jeffrey Koseff, Stanford University
William Gern, University of Wyoming

Richard Porreca, University of Colorado
Jerry Melillo, Brown University and Woods Hole

Members' Committee Slate:

President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR):
Robert Rauber, University of Illinois
Jeff Trapp, Purdue
Robert Street, Stanford
Geoffery Vallis, Princeton
Jon Martin, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Membership Committee:
Ken Bowman, Texas A&M
George Young, Pennsylvania State University
LuAnne Thompson, University of Washington
Len Pietrefesa, North Carolina State University
William Beasley, University of Oklahoma

Nominating Committee:
Jim Anderson, Arizona State University - Chair
Nicole Molders University of Alaska
Susan Ustin, University of California - Davis
Minghua Zhang, SUNY - Stony Brook
Walt Robinson, North Carolina State University
Steve Ackerman University of Wisconsin - UCAR Trustee
Fred Carr, University of Oklahoma - UCAR Trustee
Eric Betterton, University of Arizona
Barry Huebert, University of Hawaii


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