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2009 Forum

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

9:30 UCAR Forum

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.  Jack Fellows will introduce the 2009 Members Forum.

The 2009 Forum will continue last year’s discussions on how our community can help local and regional planners adapt to a changing climate and associated severe weather.   You may recall that one of the projects discussed last year was an ad-hoc national climate adaptation network that may be formalized to become a vital part of our national climate service.   

The goals for the forum are: (1) getting the needed network partnerships, tools, and data in place to help states make the best use of anticipated climate adaptation funds from CO2 cap and trade legislation, (2) identifying both short-term and long-term research and education needs to support this effort, and (3)  brainstorming what role our community should play in training the next generation climate adaptation workforce.  
9:40 Keynote:   Dr. Shere Abbott, Associate Director of Environment for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
10:15 Break
10:35 Panel:  City/University-level Climate Adaptation Planning Partnerships.  City leaders from Chicago and New York City will present how they worked together with university partners on climate planning, what they struggled with, and what they could have used from a National Climate Adaptation Network. Brad Udall (University of Colorado) will highlight what planning efforts, tools, info, and partnerships are/will be needed to deal with the impact of climate change on water issues in the West and how this might be a prototype for how these partnerships/networks should look in the future.
12:00 Luncheon in CG Lobby and Mezzanine
1:00 Panel: Trustee Rosina Bierbaum (University of Michigan) will moderate a panel and plenary discussion.  The panelists will be Greg Holland, NCAR;  Ricky Rood, University of Michigan;  Jose Maliekal, SUNY Brockport; and Judith Berner, NCAR.  Panelists will present how their groups can contribute to the national climate adaptation effort and what is needed to be successful. 
2:00 Break
2:30 Forum Wrap-up:   NCAR Director Eric Barron, and UCAR Trustee Don Wuebbles (University of Illinois) will summarize the Forum discussion and next steps needed to make a partnership/network successful. 
3:05 Unstructured Discussion
Time is allotted to continue the Forum discussion, to follow-up on other agenda items, or to discuss new items.
3:15 Adjourn


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