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Board, Members, and Affiliates:

I’d like to thank everyone who attended the meeting and made it a great success!  From the feedback I got during and after the meeting, this may have been one of the best annual meetings we have had in recent years.  We took care of some very important corporate governance business and had a wonderful forum on climate adaptation.  I encourage you to look carefully at the forum materials below; they include perspectives from the White House, and from cities that have successfully partnered with universities to plan for climate change, and much more.   The forum was focused on: (1) getting the needed network partnerships, tools, and data in place to help States make the best use of anticipated climate adaptation funds from CO2 cap and trade legislation, (2) identifying both short-term and long-term research and education needs to support this effort, and (3) to brainstorm what role our community should play in training the next generation climate adaptation workforce.   Addressing these questions is how we can help prepare our nation to deal with a changing climate and related severe weather and our community has a very important role to play in this effort.  For those of you at the Forum, you know that UCAR has been asked by the President’s Science Adviser, Dr. John Holdren, to convene a community national climate adaptation summit.  The details of the summit are still being worked on, but it you are interested in this topic from a research, education, or policy perspectives please provide your contact information by submitting this form.

I’d also like to urge you to fill out the meeting evaluation survey.  It is really important to us to have the best annual meeting possible.  We’d like to know what you liked or didn’t like and what kind of topics you’d like to see at future meetings.  These inputs will be used by UCAR and the PACUR to keep these meeting as interesting as this year was.

Finally, I’d like to encourage the UCAR Member Representatives to talk to your colleagues about the meeting and share the post-meeting website with them.  As we discussed at the meeting, you should think about sharing these materials and thoughts with colleague in other departments at your institution.  The job of preparing our nation for a changing climate will require new partnerships between our fields and others (economics, law, agriculture, social sciences, etc).  It is time to start establishing or enhancing these connections.


Rick Anthes

Status Reports and Presentations:

UCAR Forum Presentations:

Elections (Trustees and Members Committees):


The Members elected the following to the UCAR Board of Trustees:

Institutional Trustees

  • Katherine Jacobs, University of Arizona
  • Eric Saltzman, University of California - Irvine
  • Eugene Takle, Iowa State University
  • Anne Thompson, Pennsylvania State University


  • Richard Porreca, University of Colorado
  • Jerry Melillo, Brown University and Woods Hole

Member Committee:

The Members elected the following new committees members:

President's Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR)  - 3 year terms:

  • Robert Rauber, University of Illinois
  • Jeff Trapp, Purdue
  • Robert Street, Stanford
  • Geoffery Vallis, Princeton
  • Jon Martin, University of Wisconsin - Madison

Membership Committee - 3 yr terms:

  • Ken Bowman, Texas A&M
  • George Young, Pennsylvania State University
  • LuAnne Thompson, University of Washington
  • Len Pietrefesa, North Carolina State University
  • William Beasley, University of Oklahoma

Nominating Committee - 1 yr terms:
Jim Anderson, Arizona State University - Chair
Nicole Molders University of Alaska
Susan Ustin, University of California - Davis
Minghua Zhang, SUNY - Stony Brook
Walt Robinson, North Carolina State University
Steve Ackerman University of Wisconsin - UCAR Trustee
Fred Carr, University of Oklahoma - UCAR Trustee
Eric Betterton, University of Arizona
Barry Huebert, University of Hawaii

Membership Committee Report:

The following new Members were elected as the 74th and 75th UCAR Members.

The following Members were re-elected to UCAR Membership:

The following were accepted into the Affiliates program in June 2009 by the Membership Committee:

2010 Renewals:

The following UCAR memberships will expire on 31 December 2010. Later this fall (2009), UCAR Corporate Affairs office will contact the Members’ Representatives from these institutions to learn of their intent to renew, and let them know of the Membership renewal procedures and schedule for submission of materials.


  • University of California, Irvine
  • University of Michigan
  • New York University   
  • North Carolina State University              
  • Pennsylvania State University 
  • Saint Louis University 
  • Texas A&M University                 
  • University of Washington          
  • Washington State University    
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison          

The Procedures for preparing your renewal application can be found at:

None of the Affiliate institutions are up for renewal in 2009.

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