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If you'd like to participate in a video reminiscence project as part of UCAR's and NCAR's 50th anniversary. please let Susan Friberg know.   We plan to put together a "Story Corps"-like video collage of reminiscences for the 2010 Members Meeting.

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Welcome to the website for the 2009 Annual UCAR Meetings.

This year’s meetings will kick-off UCAR’s and NCAR’s 50th anniversary. We’ve planned to begin and end the 50th year activities at the 2009 and 2010 Annual Meetings.

Besides the usual business of electing new Trustees and hearing reports from UCAR, NCAR and UCP, the Annual Meeting this year will focus on the UCAR Forum. We will continue last year’s discussions on how our community can help local and regional planners adapt to a changing climate and associated severe weather. The Forum will involve an update from a senior Obama Administration official on current Federal climate adaptation planning and initiatives, lessons learned from city leaders and scientists who have worked together on climate change planning, and a panel discussion about how our community can help in this national effort.

Please encourage early career faculty to attend, especially those working in climate change adaptation areas. Please contact Aneka Finley ( for more information.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in October.

Warm regards,
Rick Anthes

Rick Anthes

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