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14 - 15 October 2008


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Membership Committee Report

September 25, 2008


To: UCAR Members’ Representatives
From: Bob Weller, Chairman of the UCAR Membership Committee
Subject: 2008 Membership Committee Report


The Membership Committee, conducting its business over email this past year, considered two new university applicants for UCAR membership, approved two new Academic Affiliates and reviewed 13 membership renewal applications.

Visits to the new applicant universities,  Brown University and the University of Connecticut took place on 4 April 2008, and 7-8 April 2008 respectively.  Thanks to Jim Miller, John Merrill, Eric Hoffman, and Jack Fellows from UCAR for taking time to make these visits.    We recommend approving their bids for UCAR membership at the Annual Meeting.

In addition, we recommend approval for all Member institutions whose applications we reviewed this year.

The Members will vote on our recommendations at the Annual Meeting; please review the reports below.   No vote is needed on the Academic Affiliate recommendations; the Membership Committee’s approval completes their affiliation application process.

I want to thank the members of the committee for reading the applications and for writing the reports—Robert Black, Kristie Boering, Amy Clement,  Liarry Di Girolamo, Russell Elsberry, Eric Hoffman, Matt Hitchman, Jim Miller, Jonathan Overpeck, and Diane Pataki.  With special thanks to Aneka Finley in the UCAR Corporate office for her expert shepherding of the committee’s work this year.

A. Reports on renewal applicants for UCAR Membership


B. Report on new Member applications

C. New applicants for the Academic Affiliate Program
(Approved by the committee)

  • University of Texas at Arlington
  • Creighton University

D. 2009 Renewals:

The following UCAR memberships will expire on 31 December 2009.  Later this fall (2008), UCAR Corporate Affairs office will contact the Members’ Representatives from these institutions to learn of their intent to renew, and let them know of the Membership renewal procedures and schedule for submission of materials.  


  • University of Arizona                                                                            
  • University of California, Los Angeles                                                     
  • University of Chicago                                                                           
  • Cornell University                                                                                 
  • Florida State University                                                                         
  • Johns Hopkins University                                                                      
  • University of Iowa                                                                                
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                   
  • University of Rhode Island                                                                    

The Procedures for preparing your renewal application can be found at: www.ucar.edu/governance/members/membercrit.shtml


None of the Affiliate institutions are up for renewal in 2009

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