2008 UCAR October Meetings

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2008 Forum: Making the Nation Resilient
to Severe Weather and Climate Change


Forum Introduction and Goal:

Mayors, governors, and local decision makers are developing climate change action plans.  They are not waiting for the federal carbon emission reduction debates to conclude (e.g., cap & trade or carbon tax legislation).  Many of them are struggling with what should be in these plans, what they should be assuming about future weather and climate trends, and what the impact might be on their community and its infrastructure.   At the April 2008 meeting of the UCAR President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR--formerly URC), the committee recommended that the 2008 Members’ Meeting Forum focus on our community’s role in climate change adaptation and mitigation.   The goal of the forum is to identify things the UCAR community could be doing to help these local and regional decision makers.


Wednesday, 15 October
  9am Keynotes
  11:00am - 12:30pm Breakout Sessions (Session locations are below)
  12:30pm Breakout Session Reports in Plenary



Rosina Bierbaum1 and Vicki Arroyo2  will each take 30 minutes to outline what is going on with adaptation (Bierbaum) and mitigation (Arroyo) initiatives at the national level and give their thoughts on opportunities and barriers for the UCAR community to participate effectively in these national efforts.   There will be 30 minutes for discussion after the keynotes.

Breakout Sessions:

The keynotes will be followed by breakout sessions highlighting partnerships between university researchers and local/regional decision makers. These sessions will focus on the following questions:

  1. How are these projects working and what lessons have we learned?
  2. What can our community do to assist these partnerships (e.g., models and other tools, better information, training opportunities, outreach, sharing ideas, etc.)?
  3. Can we help our nation deal more effectively with climate mitigation and adaptation by being more strategic with these partnerships (e.g., more coordination, creating packages of tools and information, creating common approaches to climate action plans, developing better communication tools, community strategic planning effort, etc.)?

The breakout will be 1.5 hours and will be followed by brief 10-15 minute plenary report out of the breakout discussions on the questions above.  Each session will be lead by NCAR and community scientists that will briefly describe local/regional projects they are involved in and then open the discussion for others to describe local/regional projects they are involved in and for general discussion on the above questions. Below are the sessions and co-leaders:

Water (Session Location: CG1 Auditorium)
Roy Rassmussen (NCAR), David Yates (NCAR), Kathy Miller (NCAR), Brad Udall (CU), Jonathan Overpeck(UAz) - Rapporteur: Kathy Strand
Forestry (Session Location: CG1, Room 3150)
Gordon Bonan (NCAR), Kathy Hibbard (NCAR), Kelly Redmond (DRI), Jeff Hicke (U. of Idaho) - Rapporteur: Nicole Gordon
Agriculture (Session Location: CG1 Upper Cafeteria)
Peter Backlund (NCAR), Linda Mearns (NCAR), David Letson (Univ of Miami and the NOAA-RISA Southeast Climate Center), Gene Takle (Iowa State), William Easterling (Penn State) - Rapporteur: David Hosansky
Public Health (Session Location: CG1, Room 3131)
Mary Hayden (NCAR), Tom Warner (NCAR), Lawrence Buja (NCAR), Anji Seth (UConn), Emily Gutierez (CDC-Fort  Collins) - Rapporteur: Bob Henson
Air Quality (Session Location: CG1, Room 2503)
Paty Romero-Lankao (NCAR), Sasha Madronich (NCAR), Barry Lefer (Univ. of Houston), Christine Wiedinmyer (NCAR), Matthew Frazer (Ariz State)
Rapporteur: Zhenya Gallon

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Reference Links:

1 Rosina Bierbaum - Professor and Dean of the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment

2 Vicki Arroyo - Director of Policy Analysis for the Pew Center on Global Climate Change

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