UCAR Annual Meetings - 8 - 11 October 2007  

Members' nominating committee report

The UCAR Members' Nominating Committee met in Boulder, Colorado, on 7 June 2007, to discuss the nominations for positions on the Board of Trustees and Member committees.

The survey to solicit suggestions from the Members' Representatives for Trustee and Member committee slates had been conducted and the results were compiled and provided to the Committee in advance of the meeting.

Our thanks to all of you who sent in your nominations.  As always, these nominees have been selected with very careful consideration given to achieving a broad range of backgrounds and experience considered important to the conduct of the business of the consortium.   

Nominating Committee Members:

Gudrun Magnusdottir (UC-Irvine), Chair

Robert Ellingson (Florida State U)

Mark Abbott, ( Oregon State U)

Rana Fine (Univ of Miami)

Jim Anderson, (Arizona State U)

Don Perkey (UA-Huntsville)

Eric Barron, (UT-Austin)

Don Wuebbles (UI-Urbana-Champaign

Institutional and at-largeTrustee Candidates

Personal statements, biographical information as well as nominating statements by committee members for each of the Trustee candidates are provided at the links below.

Trustee Nominees

Voting Procedure for Trustee Elections

The UCAR Bylaws state that a majority vote of Members' Representatives present (at a meeting at which a quorum is present) is required for election to office. Each Members' Representative has one vote. Votes are cast by ballot. Each Members Representative received a set of ballots when they registered for the meeting. 

We recommend conducting the election in accordance with the following voting procedure:

The four candidates receiving the highest majorities will be elected Trustees. If all four positions are filled on the first ballot, the election is complete. If fewer than four Trustees are elected on the first ballot, then the name(s) of those so elected will be removed from the ballot, and an additional ballot or ballots will be taken until all Trustee positions are filled.

Member Committee Candidates

Slates of Members' Committees

The new committee members are elected by a voice vote of the Members.