UCAR Annual Meetings - 8 - 11 October 2007, Boulder, CO

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Utah State University

Utah State University (USU) has been a UCAR member since 1971. USU has a vibrant program in the atmospheric and space sciences, spanning five academic departments (Plants, Soils and Climate; Physics; Electrical and Computer Engineering; Watershed Sciences; and Civil and Environmental Engineering) as well as four research centers (Bear Lake Observatory; Center for Atmospheric and Space Sciences; Space Dynamics Laboratory; and Utah Climate Center).   

The combined departments and research centers have 28 faculty members.  The academic programs have awarded 10 MS degrees and 20 PhD’s in the past five years.

Their curriculum is robust, especially at the graduate level.  The USU faculty is diverse in background and very productive, with substantial funding from several external sources. Research programs are strong in climate and agricultural applications of atmospheric science, upper atmospheric processes and space sciences. The institution operates several scientific facilities that support the academic and research programs.

The faculty and research staff maintains a significant level of involvement with UCAR. Two projects of particular note in which USU scientists interact with UCAR scientists include Suomi-net and the Global Assimilation of Ionospheric Measurements. In addition, one faculty member was recently elected to the UNIDATA Policy Committee.

The USU package provides an excellent plan for future growth and development.

The UCAR Membership Committee concludes that the membership criteria are fulfilled, and recommends to the Members' Representatives that the membership of Utah State University be continued as provided by the bylaws.