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Naval Postgraduate School

The Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) has been a member of UCAR since 1983.  NPS offers graduate degrees (MS and PHD) in their meteorology and oceanography departments which are housed within the Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  The students come from the U.S. and foreign militaries and from government agencies.  The U.S. Air Force sends all of their MS students, and is increasing the number of PhD students, to NPS.

NPS has particular strengths in numerical weather prediction, ocean modeling, weather analysis and forecasting, ocean acoustics, air-sea interaction, boundary layer dynamics, synoptic meteorology, and tropical meteorology.  NPS takes a lead role in instruction and research related to military applications of atmospheric and oceanic research.

More than forty courses are offered in meteorology, primarily at the graduate level. The department has seventeen faculty (nine tenure track, eight non-tenure track, two military, and five emeritus), with graduate student participation as research-team members through the M.S. thesis and Ph.D. dissertation process. Since 2000,  213 students have received their M.S. degrees and 12 have received the Ph.D.

Department of Oceanography focuses primarily on Physical Oceanography, Ocean Acoustics, and Acoustical Oceanography, Numerical Modeling, Air-Sea interactions, and has strong interests in remote sensing and geo-spatial information systems. It offers  MS and PhD degrees in Physical Oceanography, and the joint PhD degree in Meteorology and Physical Oceanography.

Participation in UCAR activities includes service on UCAR committees and advisory panels, participation in field programs supported by UCAR, including the RAF, use of the UNIDATA software, service as instructors/advisors for COMET, use of NCAR models and computing facilities, and hosting the recent meeting of the UCAR University Relations Committee.

The UCAR Membership Committee concludes that the membership criteria are fulfilled, and recommends to the Members' Representatives that the membership of the Naval Postgraduate School be continued as provided by the bylaws.