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University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire has been a UCAR member since 1991. There are 58 faculty members in four centers that comprise the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS). EOS lists 22 courses in atmospheric science, hydrology, and oceanography as well as related courses in the Departments of Earth Science and Physics. These courses provide a solid foundation for graduate study in Earth Systems Science and Space Science. Graduate students conduct their research under the auspices of EOS and earn degrees in the traditional academic programs of Physics, Earth Sciences, Natural Resources, or Zoology. Since 1999, 20 M.S. and 28 Ph.D. degrees were completed. EOS faculty also host Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program student projects, senior theses, and summer research interns in a joint program between NASA and EOS.

The faculty members of EOS are very active in research and are well recognized in the atmospheric science, space science, and oceanographic communities. Research is conducted in the Climate Change Research Center, the Complex Systems Research Center, the Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory, and the Space Science Research Center. Research grants in these centers have exceeded $200 million since 1999.

EOS faculty members have been exceptionally active in UCAR/NCAR activities.  EOS faculty have chaired the Membership Committee, served on the Board of Trustees, and co-chaired the NRC Decadal Study.  Faculty have participated in numerous NCAR programs and field campaigns including TOPSE, MIRAGE, the Mid-latitude Snow Chemistry Experiment, and the Early Career Scientist Assembly Forum.

The UCAR Membership Committee concludes that the membership criteria are fulfilled, and recommends to the Members' Representatives that the membership of the University of New Hampshire be continued as provided by the bylaws.