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Metropolitan State College of Denver

Metropolitan State College of Denver (MSCD ) has applied for UCAR Academic  Affiliate status.  MSCD is an undergraduate program with an enrollment of approximately 21,000 students.  Ethnic minorities make up 24% of the student population; MSCD is an Associate Member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities.  The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers B.S. degrees in Meteorology (since 1974), Land Use (since 1975) and Environmental Science (since 1988).  In addition to the Meteorology major, many students in the Aviation program take Meteorology courses.

Over the past five years 31 students have graduated with degrees in Meteorology.  In 2006 there were 71 students enrolled in the program.  MSCD does not offer a graduate degree in Meteorology.

The Meteorology program has three full-time faculty members (two tenured and one tenure track).  In addition, there are a few part-time faculty who teach introductory courses.  MSCD is primarily a teaching institution.  The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences offers 20 courses in Meteorology.  Further, the faculty also participate in a number of research projects.  Areas of research include mesoscale process, regional and applied climatology, radar meteorology, air pollution, and rapidly developing cyclogenesis.  They have participated in several national field experiments.  Students are also encouraged to participate in research projects and they present research reports in their Senior Seminar course.  MSCD is also active in K-12 outreach efforts.

MSCD has already initiated interaction with UCAR.  One faculty member has served on the UNIDATA Users Committee for six years.  Another has participated in UCAR/AMS Heads and Chairs meetings.  Faculty participated in UCAR-sponsored workshops.  Students have attended the UCAR Undergraduate Leadership Workshops.  Approximately 15 students have been employed as student research assistants at COMET over the past five years.  Academic Affiliate status will only enhance a strong connection between UCAR and MSCD.

The UCAR Membership Committee has determined that MSCD fulfills the criteria for Academic Affiliate status and strongly encourages their acceptance.