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Central Michigan University

The Central Michigan University Department of Geography has offered a Bachelor of Science in Earth Science with a concentration in Meteorology for more than 20 years.  Since 2002 they have graduated more than 25 students with this degree and concentration. 

Starting in the fall of 2006, they began to offer a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology.  Currently the Department of Geography has 13 full-time tenure-track faculty, with three having Ph.D.s in Meteorology, 7 temporary faculty and 1 computational support staff.   Professors Mower, Orf, and Baxter form the core of their Meteorology degree-granting program.   Their collective expertise includes thermodynamics, instrumentation, dynamics, synoptic and mesoscale meteorology, numerical modeling, and visualization.  Further, the three key faculty regularly publish articles and present papers at conferences in atmospheric sciences and are actively involved in COMET and UNIDATA, hence this program satisfies the criterion of making a definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to progress in the atmospheric sciences.  The application materials contain an explicit commitment to participate in the activities of UCAR.   The letter of commitment by President Michael Rao notes that this is Michigan’s only B.S. offering in Meteorology, that there is a growing interest among applicants in this program, and strongly affirms CMU’s support for the growth of this program and its involvement in UCAR goals and activities.

Upon review of the curriculum, infrastructure support, and accomplishments, the UCAR Membership Committee concludes that the Department of Geography has made a definitive, substantial, and continuing commitment to a full, coherent, and integrated program of course studies leading to a baccalaureate degree in atmospheric sciences. 

The Membership Committee concludes that Central Michigan University meets the academic affiliation criteria, and accordingly recommends that they become the newest member of the Academic Affiliates.