UCAR Annual Meetings - 8 - 11 October 2007, Boulder, CO

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2007 UCAR Annual Meetings Followup

Dear Members and Affiliates:

I would like to thank you for attending UCAR's 47th annual Members and Affiliates meeting.  As we customarily do, this website provides brief descriptions of what we did at the meeting, presentations, and the outcomes of any action items (e.g., elections, etc).  I'd like to encourage you to forward this to all your colleagues as part of your report from the meeting.


Members Meeting :

Agenda (PDF)
Secretary's Report (Meeting Minutes from Oct. 2006 Members' Meeting) (PDF)

Status Reports and Presentations:

Rick Anthes recommends the following presentation when talking to Global Warming skeptics:

Break-out Group Presentations:

Trustee Elections:

The Members elected the following to the UCAR Board of Trustees:

Steven Ackerman (PDF)
Dennis Hartmann (PDF)
Kerry Cook (PDF)
Shirley Malcom (PDF) (re-elected)
Rana Fine (PDF) (re-elected)
Robert Palmer (PDF) (re-elected)

Member Committee Elections:

The Members elected the following new members of committees; continuing members are listed for completeness:

(three-year term)

Kristie Boering – University of California-Berkeley
Eric Hoffman – Plymouth State University
John Overpeck _ University of Arizona
Larry DiGirolamo – University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign 

Continuing members of the Membership Committee are:
Robert Weller (Chairman) - Woods Hole Oceanogrphic Institution
Matt Hitchman - University of Wisconsin-Madison (2008)
Robert Black - Georgia Institute of Technology (2009)
Amy Clement - University of Miami (2009)
Russell Elsberry - Naval Postgraduate School (2009)
Diane Pataki - UC Irvine (2009)

(Formerly University Relations Committee)

(three-year term)

Richard Orville – Texas A&M
Lisa White – San Francisco State University
ST Wu – University of Alabama-Huntsville
Robert Hart – Florida State University
Greg Hakim – University of Washington
Roger Samelson – Oregon State University
David Nolan – University of Miami
Sharon Zhong – Michigan State University

Continuing members of the PACUR are:
Rafael Bras - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (2009)
Clara Deser, NCAR (2008)
Gordon Farquharson - Earth Observing Laboratory, NCAR (2009)
Eve Gruntfest - University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (2009)
Vanda Grubisic - Desert Research Institute (2009)
Jim Hansen, Naval Research Laboratory (2008)
Joyce Penner - University of Michigan (2009)
Alan Robock - Rutgers University (2008)
Wendy Schreiber- Abshire (2008)
Sepideh Yalda, Millersville University (2008)

(one-year term)

Bob Ellingson (Chairman) - Florida State University
Steve Rutledge – Colorado State University
Anne Thompson - Pennsylvania State University
Greg Carmichael - University of Iowa
Jim Anderson – Arizona State University
Nicole Mölders – University of Alaska-Fairbanks
Bob Rauber – University of Illinois- Urbana-Champaign
Otis Brown – University of Miami
Don Perkey University of Alabama- Huntsville


Membership Committee:

The Members approved the University of Delaware for Membership in UCAR, bringing the number of UCAR Members to 71. It renewed Membership of the following institutions for regular eight year terms:

During the 2007 cycle of membership and affiliate applications, the Membership Committee approved the following institutions as Academic Affiliates:




Please contact Michelle Flores if you would like the PowerPoint files or movie clips that were used in the presentations above.


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