UCAR Annual Meetings - 8 - 11 October 2007  

Early Career Faculty Guests

Welcome to UCAR! Thank you all for taking time out of your busy schedules to come to Boulder this year.

We are looking forward to your participation in the Annual Meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in the breakout sessions and the subsequent reporting out session the next day.   NCAR early career scientists have also been invited to attend these sessions.    You are the future of science research and education and your thoughts on these various topics are very important. 

In order to foster joint discussions, we've also planned a luncheon for you all to be organized around topic tables--much like last year's for those of you who attended in 2006.   The NCAR Scientist Assembly has defined the following topic areas to talk together about new directions and emerging science, collaborative work or other possibilities:

                                               (2)Non-satellite instrumentation
                                               (3)Social Science in the Earth Sciences
                                               (4)Modeling the Earth System

These track fairly well to some of the break out sessions.  By the way, if you haven't signed up for a breakout session, please do so as soon as possible so we know how many to plan for--http://www.ucar.edu/governance/meetings/oct07/breakout_registration.html

Thank you again for coming and I look foward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting!

Rick Anthes
President, UCAR

Some Useful Links:

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Faculty Guest Attendee List
UCAR President's Report (PDF)
NCAR Director's Report (PDF)
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