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2005 UCAR Members' Meeting Summary

The 2005 Meeting convened in the Center Green Auditorium on 4-5 October 2005. The theme of this year’s meeting was enhanced collaborations between UCAR and the Member and Affiliate universities. The University Relations Committee developed an "Open House" that included tours, poster sessions, receptions, and a plenary to discuss collaboration opportunities. More information on those sessions can be found here.

Status Reports and Presentations:

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During these reports and ensuing discussions, there were references to the draft NCAR Strategic Plan and process for community input. Also there were references to the recent NAS/BASC Committee on Strategic Guidance for NSF's Support of the Amospheric Sciences and Interim report.

Below you’ll find a summary of the actions taken and some items that may be of further interest.

Trustee Elections

New Trustees elected to three year terms:

Robert Dickinson (Georgia Tech)
Berrien Moore ( University of New Hampshire)
Hemant Shah, Risk Management Solutions, Trustee-at-Large
Richard Truly, Trustee-at-Large

elected to two year term:
Robert Palmer, Trustee-at-Large

Re-elected Trustees
Eric Barron ( Penn State University)
Len Pietrafesa ( North Carolina State University)

For the full list of Trustees, please click here.

Member Committee Elections

The slates of the committees were approved and the members of the following committees were elected. The continuing members are included for completeness.

Membership Committee (three-year terms)

Matt Hitchman – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Bob Weller – Woods Hole

Continuing members of the Membership Committee are:
Rong Fu – Georgia Institute of Technology (2006)
James Miller – Rutgers University (2007)
Roger Pielke, Sr. – Colorado State University (2006)
David Smith – U.S. Naval Academy (2007)
Robert Talbot – University of New Hampshire (2006)
Chuck Wash, Chairman – Naval Postgraduate School (2006)
Don Wuebbles – University of Illinois (2006)

University Relations Committee (three-year term)

Jim Hansen, Chairman - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (reelected for second term)
Alan Robock - Rutgers University
Anne Thompson – Penn State
Sepi Yalda - Millersville University of Pennsylvania (reelected for second term)
Wendy Abshire - UOP/COMET
Ned Chamberlain - EOL/NCAR
Clara Deser - (ESSL/NCAR)

Continuing members of the University Relations Committee are:
Kerry Cook - Cornell University (2006)
Efi Foufoula-Georgiou - University of Minnesota (2006)
Everette Joseph - Howard University (2006)
David Karoly – University of Oklahoma (2006)
John Merrill- University of Rhode Island (2007)
Michael Morgan - University of Wisconsin-Madison (2007)
Richard Orville – Texas A&M University (2007)
Lisa White – San Francisco State (2007)
S.T. Wu – University of Alabama-Huntsville (2007)

Members' Nominating Committee (one-year term)
Kerry Cook - Chairwoman - Cornell University
Bob Ellingson - Florida State University
Rana Fine - University of Miami
Neal Lane - Rice University
Gudrun Magnusdottir - UC Irvine
Jim Moore - St Louis University

Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (five-year term)
Susan Avery - University of Colorado
Katherine Gebbie - NIST
Conway Leovy – University of Washington
Berrien Moore – University of New Hampshire
Mary Jo Richardson, Chairwoman – Texas A&M University

Advocacy, Legislation, and Appropriations Update

Joel Widder of Lewis-Burke Associates and Cindy Schmidt, UCAR, updated the Members on the budget, legislative, policy, and advocacy activities from the last year and highlighted issues for the coming year.

In addition, Joel asked the Members to regularly visit the Government Affairs website. It contains useful and timely information on the federal science budget and UCAR’s advocacy on behalf of the scientific community. The following people were honored this year for advocacy service above and beyond the call of duty:

Ernie Agee
Rich Clark
Kelvin Droegemeier
Richard Grotjahn
Barry Huebert
John Merrill
Len Pietrafesa
Mary Jo Richardson
Alan Robock
Fred Stafford
Gene Takle
Don Wuebbles

Slides from these reports can be found here:

Joel Widder, Lewis-Burke Associates
Cindy Schmidt, UCAR Office of Government Affairs




University Relations Committee (URC) Report

John Merrill reported on the work of URC over the past year, including the development of the Members Meeting agenda. His report highlighted that the committee’s proposal review function showed no unfair competition with the university community. He asked that the Members and Affiliates feel free to contact the URC Chair, or any member of the URC if they have any issues to be brought to UCAR.

Membership Committee Report

Chair of the Membership Committee Bob Talbot provided the membership report.

The actions of the Members with regard to Membership were as follows:

A. The five applications for renewal of UCAR Membership were approved:
University of Maryland at College Park
University of Miami
University of Missouri
Princeton University
Texas Tech University

B. The University of Houston’s application for Membership was approved unanimously.

C. The Membership Committee at their meeting in June 2005 approved the following Affiliate members: University of Louisana at Monroe, Plymouth State University, San Francisco State University, and Saint Cloud State University.

Talbot announced the following Membership and Affiliation renewals that will be considered in the 2006 cycle:

University at Albany, State U of New York, (1970)
Harvard University (1970)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (1970)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography - University of California, San Diego (1982)
University of Toronto (1970)

Air Force Institute of Technology (1998)
University of Charleston (1993)
Clark Atlanta University (1993)

Academic Affiliates Meeting

The Affiliates met on Tuesday and discussed the NCAR Strategic Plan, possible new interactions and opportunities between NCAR and AAP institutions that may result from the NCAR reorganization; the NSF Competition for the management of NCAR; the AMS Policy on the B.S. in Atmospheric Science/Meteorology with Mohan Ramamurthy; the Radar Module and other COMET initiatives with COMET director Tim Spangler, as well as other topics.

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