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UCAR Member Representatives, Trustees, University Relations Committtee, Academic Affiliates, UCAR staff and guests at reception in HIAPER hangar on
4 October 2005.

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Dear UCAR Members and Affiliates, and URC:

Thank you for participating in the October 2005 Annual Meeting last week. It was a great meeting with many good discussions and ideas coming out of it. These are important times for our science, and working more closely together can only strengthen our ability to solve some of the important questions for our planet.

We’ve created a summary of the Annual Meeting to pass on to those who couldn’t attend and to provide links to some of the programs that you might have been interested in during the meeting. Please forward this website to your colleagues.

We have also included the Hurricane Katrina animations. Please feel free to download them, and any of the other slides from the presentations.

A summary of the Open House (along with slides of the posters and summary of the plenary discussion) has also been created. You can find that summary and a chance for further comment on the Open House Challenge here.

We welcome your feedback about these or any other topics at anytime.

Our best regards,
Kelvin Droegemeier, Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Rick Anthes, UCAR President
Jim Hansen, Chairman, University Relations Committee

Please contact Susan Friberg or Susan Warner, if you need further information.