University Relations Committee Meeting
13 October 2004
Foothills Lab, Bldg. 1, ATD Atrium
3450 Mitchell Lane
3:30 – 7:00 pm


3:30 1. Welcome, approval of April notes, and introductions of new members:
URC Chairman John Merrill

Action: Approve the meeting notes.


2. Review of non-NSF NCAR and non-core UOP proposals

a. Subcommittee report — In the absence of Subcommittee Chairman Stephen Monismith, John Merrill will report on the reviews of the non-NSF and non-core proposals from the last six months.

b. Proposal re-engineering project — Katy Schmoll, UCAR Vice President of Finance and Administration, will report on the proposal re-engineering project currently underway.

c. Subcommittee appointment — A new subcommittee will be appointed for next year’s review of proposals.

Action: Receive the report of the proposal review subcommittee.


3. Liaison reports

John Merrill and Gene Takle will report on UOP and ATD activities, respectively. Discussion will follow on if liaisons need to be assigned to the new NCAR labs. The current liaison appointments are:

ASP — Kerry Cook HAO — David Karoly
ACD — Ken Pickering MMM — Everette Joseph
ATD — Gene Takle RAP — Efi Foufoula Georgiou
CGD — Jim Hansen SCD — Michael Morgan
ESIG — Sepi Yalda UOP — John Merrill


4. Continue discussions from last Spring on Faculty Fellowship

Tim Killeen will review the Junior Faculty Exchange Program white paper that was sent to the committee in advance of the meeting. Discussion will follow on the URC’s role in this program. Suggestions are that a subset of the URC serve as a selection committee or serve as a review committee.

5:10 Break for refreshments


5. October meeting post-mortem

Time is allotted for follow up on any items from the Members' Meeting and beginning conversation about next year’s program.


6. Unstructured discussion

Open discussion on the previous topics or topics not on the agenda.


7. Spring 2005 meeting

John Merrill has invited the URC to the U of Rhode Island. Suggested dates for the Spring meeting will be discussed.

7:00 Adjourn

  ~ End of Agenda ~            


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