UCAR Annual Members Meeting
12-13 October 2004
Center Green Auditorium
3080 Center Green Drive Building 1

Boulder, Colorado



Tuesday, 12 October
12:30 1.

Convene the Members Meeting

Chairman of the UCAR Board of Trustees, Kelvin Droegemeier, will call the meeting to order, welcome participants and guests and ask for adoption of the agenda.

Action: Adopt the agenda

12:35 2.

Secretary’s Report

Secretary and Trustee Steven Rutledge (Colorado State University) will present the minutes of the October 2003 Annual Meeting and ask for Members approval.

Action: Approve the minutes of the October 2003 Annual Members Meeting



Treasurers Report

Treasurer and Trustee Barbara Feiner (Washington University in St. Louis) will review the UCAR Consolidated Financial Statement for the period ending 31 August 2004.

12:50 4.

Nominating Committee Report

Nominating Committee Chairman, Fred Carr (University of Oklahoma) will report on the nominating process for Trustee candidates, and Members' Committees; ask for approval of the tellers; approval of the voting procedure; and review the Trustee and Members' Committees’ slates of nominees. (Adoption of the slates and elections of Trustees and Members' committees will take place on Wednesday morning.)

Members have received information on the candidates in advance of the meeting.


  • Vote to appoint tellers
  • Vote to adopt the following voting procedure for Trustee elections: The four candidates receiving the highest majorities will be elected Trustees. If all four positions are filled on the first ballot, the election is complete. If fewer than four Trustees are elected on the first ballot, then the name(s) of those so elected will be removed from the ballot, and an additional ballot or ballots will be taken until all Trustee positions are filled.



UCAR Members’ Meeting Forum:Introduction

Chairman Droegemeier will introduce the Forum.


UCAR Members’ Meeting Forum: Part I
Imperatives for the Atmospheric Sciences in the next Decade
Rick Anthes, UCAR President.

With rapidly increasing population and associated environmental stresses and consumption of the planet's finite resources, observing, understanding and predicting the Earth system is a society imperative.  Advances in observational capabilities and ways to analyze and interpret the observations through models to produce information valuable to society present enormous opportunities to the Earth science community.  This presentation takes a global view of the challenges and opportunities facing the UCAR community in the next decade.


UCAR Members Meeting’ Forum: Part II
NSF Topics

Cliff Jacobs, Head, UCAR & Lower Atmospheric Facilities Oversight Section, ATM/NSF.

2:30   Break


UCAR Members’ Meeting Forum: Part III
Panel: The Role of the National Center in the Future of the Geosciences

John Merrill (University of Rhode Island), Moderator

Panel members:
Tim Killeen, NCAR Director
Neal Lane, UCAR Trustee (Rice University)
Sepideh Yalda, University Relations Committee, (Millersville University)
Kaye Howe, Director, NSDL (National Science Digital Library)

3:45   Discussion in plenary


UCAR Members Meeting Forum: Part IV
Panel: Young scientists’ view of the UCAR-university partnership and future

Jim Hanson (MIT) and Natalie Mahowald (NCAR), co-chairs

Panel members:
John Cassano (University of Colorado)
Greg Hakim (U. of Washington)
Rebecca Morss (NCAR)
Dan Marsh (NCAR)

5:30   Recess

5:30-8:30   Reception in the CG Atrium for the Members, Trustees, URC, and guests.

Wednesday 13 October
7:45 am   Continental breakfast will available.

8:15 5.

Nominating Committee Report (continued)

Nominating Committee Chairman Fred Carr will continue the report of that Committee.

A. Trustees Election

Nominations from the floor are in order provided that a) persons so nominated are not from the same institution as any incumbent Trustee, and b) in the case of a nominee who is not a Members’ Representative, the nomination of that individual shall have been consented to in writing by the Chief Executive Officer of the Member institution.

ACTION: Vote to accept the slate of Trustee candidates

Each Member Representative may complete one ballot. Four institutional Trustees and two Trustees-at-Large are to be elected. Ballots are located in the packet of materials handed out at registration.

ACTION: Vote to elect new Trustees


B. Election of Members' Committees

Chairman Carr will move to accept the slate of nominees for UCAR Members’ Committees. Nominations from the floor are in order. Election of Committees will follow.


  • Vote to accept slate for Members' Committees
  • Vote to elect the new members of the Members' Committee

8:30 6. Continued discussion from previous day’s agenda

While votes are being counted by the tellers, time is allotted for discussion on the previous day's agenda.

9:00 7.

Advocacy, Legislation, and Appropriations Update

April Burke and Joel Widder, Lewis-Burke Associates, and Cindy Schmidt, Director, Office of Government Affairs, will update the meeting participants on the Federal Budget and other legislative and policy issues of interest to the UCAR community.

9:30 8.

University Relations Committee (URC) Report

Chairman of the committee, John Merrill, will report to the Members on the activities of the URC.

9:45 9.

Membership Committee Report

Robert Talbot, Chairman of the Membership Committee, will present the report:

A. Membership Renewal elections

The Committee recommends re-election of the following to UCAR Membership for eight-year terms beginning in January 2005:

University of Denver
University of Hawaii
University of Minnesota
University of Oklahoma
Old Dominion University
York University

ACTION: Vote on reelection of current Members

Re-election is by affirmative vote of two-thirds of the Members present at the meeting.

10:00 10.

Academic Affiliates Report

Richard Clark (Millersville University) will update the Members on Academic Affiliate issues.

10:15   Break

10:30 11.

Strategic Plans for observational, computational and data distribution facilities

  • Earth Observing Laboratory - Rit Carbone, Acting Director
  • Scientific Computing Division - Tom Bettge, Associate Director
  • Unidata - Mohan Ramamurthy, Director

The websites for the strategic plans were available to Members Reps in advance of the meeting.

Time is allotted for discussion.

12:15   Luncheon will be served on the Atrium Mezzanine

1:15 12.

Open discussion

This time is allotted to continue discussion on any of the panels, strategic plans, or any other aspect of the Forum and other presentations.

2:15 13.

UCAR Members Meeting Forum: Part VI

Kelvin Droegemeier, John Merrill, Rick Anthes will provide a summary of meeting discussions and closing remarks

3:00   Adjourn

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