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Dear Trustees, Member and Affiliate Representatives, and URC Members,

Welcome to the website for the 2004 October Meetings. This year’s meeting finds many in the UCAR community in the midst of even more change and interesting challenges as the realities of budget decreases set in at the state and federal levels, as we see changes in the structure of NOAA and NASA, as the National Academy study of NSF/ATM’s future support of the atmospheric sciences begins, and here at UCAR and NCAR as we carry out the reorganization of the national center and begin to plan for the competition for the management of NCAR that will occur in a couple of years. Against this complex backdrop of change, we’ll hold discussions this year during the Members Meeting on the role of the national center in the future of the geosciences—a discussion of just what the contemporary concept of national center means to our community and to society as a whole.

Along those lines, during the past year we conducted an analysis of the level of effort we at NCAR and the UCAR Office of Programs are devoting to the four categories of education and outreach, community facilities, community support and research and development. This “roughly right” analysis is published in the Summer 2004 issue of the UCAR Quarterly (http://www.ucar.edu/communications/quarterly/summer04/president.html#analysis)
I found it an interesting exercise and I hope you find it so as well. It will serve as part of the backdrop of our discussions in October.

I’d like also to point you to a webcast we held in August on the NCAR reorganization. We captured it on video and it can be found at http://www.ucar.edu/webcasts/2004/ncar_reorg/ if you have any questions on the NCAR reorganization. It runs about an hour.

I am forecasting good weather for the meetings, and look forward--as always--to productive and enjoyable interactions with you in October.

My best regards,
Rick Anthes
President, UCAR

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