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2004 UCAR Members Meeting Summary


Introduction. Below you will find a brief summary of 2004 UCAR Members Meeting. The meeting included the normal UCAR business items (e.g., elections, reports, etc.) and a forum focused on the "Role of the National Center in the Future of the Geosciences". We hope this summary enables the UCAR Member Representatives who attended the meeting to easily brief their department colleagues and to inform those Member Representatives who were not able to make the meeting. In addition, we feel this information will be quite useful for those of you who may attend the Committee on Strategic Guidance for NSF's Support of the Atmospheric Sciences' town meetings being planned for the AGU and AMS annual meetings (mentioned below).

The Role of the National Center in the Future of the Geosciences Forum. This year’s forum was developed by the University Relations Committee. You are encouraged to provide a URC or Board member to provide feedback on the Forum. The Forum consisted of:

  • Kelvin Droegemeir. Chairman of the UCAR Board of Trustees Kelvin Droegmeier provided an overview of NSF’s plan to compete the cooperative agreement for the management of NCAR, including the reasons for the competition, what was being competed, and the opportunities and threats associated with the competition. His presentation also provided a brief history of UCAR and NCAR, how it has evolved on the past few years, and UCAR and NCAR allocation of community service time. Link: Preparing for the Competition to Manage NCAR
  • Cliff Jacobs. Cliff Jacobs (Head of UCAR and Lower Atmosphere Section, ATM/NSF) discussed the NSF policies, schedule, and procedures related to the competition. His presentation also included a funding history for ATM/NSF, NCAR, and the community and outlined the National Academy of Sciences study being undertaken at the behest of the National Science Board to examine how ATM/NSF can best accomplish its mission of supporting the atmospheric sciences into the future. Links: Cliff’s presentation and Strategic Guidance for NSF's Support of the Atmospheric Sciences.
  • Panels. Panel discussions followed the presentations from Rick, Kelvin, and Cliff. Each panel member made 5-10 minute comments and that was followed by an open-mike discussion period. These panels conveyed the sense that the national center must support the national priorities in a unique and relevant way. The value of the center is its ability to be a catalyst, an integrator and an enabler -- a locus of energy for the atmospheric sciences community to carry out its work.
  • Panel I. The role of NCAR as a national center in the future of the geosciences was comprised of the following people: Tim Killeen, Director, NCAR; Neal Lane, Rice University and UCAR Trustee; Kaye Howe, Director, NSDL; and Sepi Yalda, Millersville University and URC Member.
  • Panel II. The Young scientists’ view of the UCAR-university partnership and future and was comprised of the following early career scientists: Jim Hanson (MIT) and Natalie Mahowald (NCAR), co-chairs; with panel members John Cassano (University of Colorado), Greg Hakim (U. of Washington), Rebecca Morss (NCAR), and Dan Marsh (NCAR).

Trustee Elections. We are honored to have such distinguished colleagues serving on our Board! Members elected to three year terms:

  • Rana Fine, University of Miami - New Member
  • Kelvin Droegemeier, Univ. of Oklahoma) - reelected for second term
  • Neal Lane, Rice University - reelected for second term
  • Orlando Taylor, Howard University - reelected for second term
  • Frank Cushing, Cornerstone Government Affairs - Trustee at Large
  • Shirley Malcom, Directorate for Education and Human Resources Programs of the AAAS - Trustee at Large

Member Committee Elections. The slates of the committees were approved and the members of the following committees were elected. The continuing members are included for completeness. We are grateful to all of you for agreeing to serve on these committees!

  • Membership Committee (three-year term)
    • James Miller – Rutgers University
    • David Smith – U.S. Naval Academy
    • Continuing members of the Membership Committee are:
      • Rong Fu – Georgia Institute of Technology (2006)
      • Charles Lin – McGill University (2005)
      • Gudrun Magnusdottir - University of California-Irvine (2005)
      • Terry Nathan - University of California-Davis (2005)
      • Roger Pielke, Sr. – Colorado State University (2006)
      • Robert Talbot, Chairman - University of New Hampshire (2006)
      • Chuck Wash – Naval Postgraduate School (2006)
      • Don Wuebbles – University of Illinois (2006)
  • University Relations Committee (three-year term)
    • Dick Orville – Texas A&M University
    • Lisa White – San Francisco State
    • S.T. Wu – University of Alabama-Huntsville
    • John Merrill, Chairman - University of Rhode Island (reelected for second term)
    • Michael Morgan - University of Wisconsin-Madison (reelected for second term)
    • Mary Barth – NCAR/MMM (One-year term)
    • Ginger Caldwell – NCAR/SCD (One-year term)
    • Joanne Graham – UOP/Unidata (One-year term)
    • Continuing members of the University Relations Committee are:
      • Kerry Cook - Cornell University (2006)
      • Efi Foufoula-Georgiou - University of Minnesota (2006)
      • Jim Hansen - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2005)
      • Everette Joseph - Howard University (2006)
      • David Karoly – University of Oklahoma (2006)
      • Ken Pickering - University of Maryland (2005)
      • Gene Takle - Iowa State University (2005)
      • Sepi Yalda - Millersville University of Pennsylvania (2005)
  • Members' Nominating Committee (one-year term)
    • Fred Carr, Chairman - University of Oklahoma
    • Kerry Cook - Cornell University
    • Bob Ellingson – Florida State University
    • Neal Lane – Rice University
    • Ron McPherson – American Meteorological Society
    • Mary Jo Richardson - Texas A&M University

Advocacy, Legislation, and Appropriations Update. April Burke and Joel Widder of Lewis-Burke Associates and UCAR's Cindy Schmidt updated the Members on the budget, legislative, policy, and advocacy activities from the last year and highlighted issues for the coming year. They explained that we have tough budget years ahead and need the community's involvement in these broad community advocacy efforts, including letter writing, testifying, providing briefings, and other events. They asked the members to regularly use the UCAR Government Affairs website for advocacy and budget information and honored the following outstanding UCAR member advocates from the past year:

  • Ernie Agee
  • Rich Clark
  • Kerry Cook
  • Kelvin Droegemeier
  • Richard Grotjahn
  • Bill Gutowski
  • Jim Hansen
  • Eugenia Kalnay
  • Eric Maloney
  • Gary Ostrander
  • Alan Robock
  • Fred Stafford
  • Gene Takle
  • Don Wuebbles
  • Joe Zehnder

University Relations Committee Report. John Merrill reported on the work of that committee over the past year, including the development of the Forum mentioned above. His report highlighted the proposal review function of the committee and noted that NCAR and UOP proposals have met the criteria set forth by the URC to ensure no unfair competition with the community. He noted that the process is firmly ingrained at UCAR and NCAR and that the URC sees few issues in their biannual review.

Membership Committee Report. Chair of the Membership Committee Bob Talbort provided the membership report.

  • 2004 UCAR Members renewals:
    • University of Denver
    • University of Hawaii       
    • University of Minnesota
    • University of Oklahoma
    • Old Dominion University
    • York University
  • 2004 Academic Affiliates renewals:
    • University of Kansas
    • The State University of New York (SUNY) College at Brockport
    • Lyndon State College
    • United States Naval Academy
  • Proposed Renewals for 2005:
    • Members: University of Maryland at College Park, University of Miami, University of Missouri, Princeton University, Texas Tech University
    • Affiliates: University of Louisana at Monroe, Plymouth State University, San Francisco State University, and Saint Cloud State University

Academic Affiliates Meeting. The Affiliates met and discussed the following issues:

  • access to journals through the NCAR Library
  • the value of webcasts and multi-media repository
  • Early Career Faculty Fellowship Program (and it’s possible inclusion of undergraduates)
  • workshop for an instrumentation initiative to assess feasibility of UCAR creating a short course and/or on-line materials
  • John Helsdon’s idea of creating a cloud physics chamber in the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory.


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