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Thanks to all of you for attending the October Meetings earlier this month. We appreciate your participation in the discussions and hope you found the informal conversations with UCAR, NCAR, UOP and university colleagues productive. These are very challenging and interesting times for our science, for NSF, and for UCAR. I look forward to working with the Board, the Members, Affiliates, and URC as we address increased pressure on the federal science budgets, the next set of reviews, and the competition for the management of NCAR. We will keep you updated as we proceed.

Below you will find links to a meeting summary and to the ppt presentations made during the Member's Meeting. Please forward this url to your colleagues, and let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you again for taking time out of your schedules to attend these meetings.





Members' Meeting Forum:
  Reports of the Members' Committees:

Forum Introduction - Kelvin Droegemeier (PDF)

Nominating Committee
- Fred Carr (PDF)
Imperatives for the Atmospheric Sciences in the next Decade (Forum Part I) - Rick Anthes (PDF)
Membership Committee - Robert Talbot (PDF)
NSF Topics (Forum Part II) - Cliff Jacobs (PDF)
University Relations Committee - John Merrill (PDF)
The Role of the National Center in the Future of the Geosciences (Forum Part III) - Tim Killeen (PDF)

  Other Presentations:


Strategic Plans:

Advocacy, Legislation, & Appropriations Update

- April Burke and Joel Widder (PDF)
- Cindy Schmidt (PDF)

Earth Observing Laboratory - Rit Carbone (PDF)
Scientific Computing Division - Tom Bettge (PDF)
Unidata - Mohan Ramamurthy (PDF)
Academic Affiliates - Richard Clark (PDF)

Please Note: The presentations above are .PDF files, please download the free Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® here if you are unable to view them.

If you would like copies of the PowerPoint files that were used in the presentations, please contact
Michelle Flores for more information.




Additional Meeting Information & Links:
The following websites were on display during the meetings:
The New UCAR/NCAR/UOP website
MySCD Portal website
Digital Library for Earth System Education (DLESE) website


Other Meetings:
Board of Trustees Meeting Presentations
AMS/AGU Heads & Chairs Meeting Presentations
BASC Committee Presentations


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