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Adoption of Resolutions

Resolution 1:

The AMS, through its Board on Higher Education and in coordination with AGU, should collect, develop, and maintain resources that would assist atmospheric and related science departments preparing for and undergoing programmatic reviews. Examples of materials include statistics on faculty, students, enrollments (undergraduate and graduate), and employment. These materials should be available though the AMS web page in coordination with the Science Education Resource Center.

Resolution 2:

The AMS and AGU, working jointly, will, before the next Heads and Chairs meeting, collect information, such as planning documents and assessment reports, that would be of use to geoscience departments when representing their departments and their contextual disciplinary setting to higher administration.

Resolution 3:

Whereas many universities have not subscribed to the official electronic versions of American Geophysical Union (AGU) journals, as the institutional subscription rate for electronic versions was tripled as compared to print versions.

The Heads and Chairs of Atmospheric and Geoscience Departments hereby request that AGU reduce institutional subscription rates for AGU journals so that universities can afford institutional subscriptions.

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