National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) Panel Presentations

The National Science Board directed the National Science Foundationís Division of Atmospheric Sciences (ATM) to convene a panel to consider how ATM can best accomplish its mission of supporting the atmospheric sciences into the future. Areas of particular focus include the areas of cutting edge research, education and workforce development, service to society, computational and observational objectives, and data management. On 14 October, at the Hotel Boulderado, the National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (BASC) met with UCAR, NCAR and UOP staff to address questions put to them by the BASC panel. Below are the topics and questions the BASC committee asked each panel to address and the presenters on each panel. The presentations can be viewed below:

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Panel #1: UCARís Role: What is UCARís role in the U.S. atmospheric sciences infrastructure? How has UCAR evolved, and are there new plans or directions for UCAR?


Panel #2: NCAR as a Major NSF Funded Laboratory: What is NCARís role in the U.S. atmospheric sciences infrastructure? How well is it filling its originally envisioned role? How do you see its future role evolving?


Panel #3: NSF Supported Computing Facilities: What are the challenges associated with building, operating, and maintaining a broadly accessible computational infrastructure? How might the approach to providing computing facilities need to evolve in response to future advances in technology or changes in the communityís needs?


  • Al Kellie, NCAR Associate Director of the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory and Richard Loft, SCD Deputy Director (PDF)

Panel #4: NSF Supported Community Modeling Efforts at NCAR: What is the role of each community model in U.S. atmospheric research? What role does NCAR play in the development and application of models? What role does NCAR play in training new scientists in the use of models? How is the community involved in model development?


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