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University Relations Committee Meeting
8 October 2003
3065 Center Green Drive (Bldg. 4), Rm. 2020
3:30 - 6:30 pm



1. Welcome, approval of April notes, and introductions of new members:
URC Chairman Eric Betterton

Action: Approve the meeting notes.


2. Non-NSF/core NCAR and UOP proposal subcommittee report

The subcommittee chairman John Merrill will report on the reviews of the non-NSF and non-core proposals from the last six months. A new subcommittee will be appointed for next year’s review.

Action: Receive the report of the proposal review subcommittee.


3. Liaison Reports

If available, liaison reports will be given. Discussion will follow on formalizing this reporting procedure in the future.


4. Continue discussions from the Spring URC meeting.

a. Role of the URC Resource People

The URC agreed that the resource positions should be changed to “full” members, having the same rights and responsibilities as the URC members. This decision and the formalizing procedure will be reviewed with the entire committee.

b. Faculty Fellows Program

This program would promote short-term visits by university faculty to NCAR, with the objective of forming partnerships between university and NCAR scientists. The question was posed if it would be appropriate to appoint the URC as the selection group for this program.

c. URC Involvement in the NCAR Initiatives

Continue this discussion.

4:45 5. Agenda and Dates for Spring Meeting of the URC

The Spring 2004 meeting will be held at Iowa State University. This time is allotted for discussion of dates and agenda items.

5:00 Break for refreshments

5:25 6. Unstructured Discussion As agreed at the Spring meeting of the URC, a significant amount of time at URC meetings will be set aside for discussion.

At this URC meeting, time is allotted for follow up on any items from the Members' Meeting and to hear from Jim Hansen about United Kingdom’s climateprediction.net program.

6:30 Adjourn

    ~ End of Agenda ~

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