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Boulder, CO  6-8 October

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Members' Meeting Forum Summary

(If you would like copies of the PowerPoint files that were used in the presentations, please contact Michelle Flores for more information).

Forum Background

The following links are to the summary presentations for each of the break-out groups:

  1. Water Cycle. Co-chairs: Larry Winter (NCAR) and Eric Betterton (University of Arizona)
  2. Biogeosciences. Co-chairs: Peter Thornton (NCAR) and Sepi Yalda (Millersville University)
  3. Cyberinfrastructure. Co-chairs: Don Middleton (NCAR) and Jim Hansen (MIT)
  4. Next generation observing system. Co-chairs: Dave Carlson (NCAR) and Michael Morgan (University of Wisconsin)
  5. Next generation faculty. Co-chairs: Kaye Howe (UCAR) and Gene Takle (Iowa State University)

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