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UCAR University Relations Committee Meeting
16-17 April 2002
Boulder, CO

The University Relations Committee met at the Foothills Laboratory in Boulder on April 16-17, 2002.

Committee members present were:


Christopher Bretherton, University of Washington


Eric Betterton, University of Arizona


John Merrill, University of Rhode Island


Stephen Monismith, Stanford University


Michael Morgan, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Ken Pickering, University of Maryland


Mohan Ramamurthy, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Gene Takle, Iowa State University


UCAR/NCAR resource people:


Mary Barth, Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology Division, NCAR


Ginger Caldwell, Scientific Computing Division, NCAR


Joanne Graham, Unidata, UOP


Others present for all or part of the meeting were:


Richard Anthes, President, UCAR


Peter Backlund, Director of Research Relations, NCAR


Rena Brasher-Alleva, Director, Budget & Planning Office, NCAR


Eron Brennan, Multimedia Services, UCAR


Steve Dickson, Associate Director, NCAR


Jan Evans, Budget & Planning Office, NCAR


Jack Fellows, Vice President of Corporate Affairs and Director of UOP


Michelle Flores, Office of Corporate Affairs, UCAR


Susan Friberg, Administrator, UCAR


Bob Henson, Communications, UCAR


Tim Hundsdorfer, Budget and Planning Office, NCAR


Sharon Hurley, Budget and Planning Office, NCAR


Dale Kellogg, Executive Assistant to the Director, NCAR


Tim Killeen, Director, NCAR


Cindy Schmidt, Director, Office of Development and Gov't Affairs, UCAR


Kathryn Strand, Manager of Budget & Administration, UOP


Lucy Warner, Director, Communications, UCAR


Susan Warner, Executive Asst., Corporate Affairs, UCAR


Executive Session

No notes are taken during the Executive Session.

1. Welcome

UCAR President Richard Anthes welcomed the committee to Boulder and added that it has been a number of years since the URC have held their spring meeting at NCAR, and he was glad for the URC to have the opportunity to "kick the tires" of the organization. In convening at NCAR, the committee is given the opportunity for an in-depth overview of NCAR divisions and UOP programs.

2. October 2001 Meeting Notes

URC Chairman Chris Bretherton reviewed the draft notes from the October 2001 meeting. The committee approved the notes with one minor change.

3. NSF Report

Cliff Jacobs, Head of ATM's UCAR & Lower-Atmosphere Facilities Oversight Section, reported ATM's FY2002 Operating Plan increased 6.4% over FY2001. Of that increase NCAR received 11.4%; a generous increase was given to the deployment pool, largely because of the field program IHOP; and CSL received an 6.2% increase. He reported that NSF's FY2003 Budget Request is 5% over FY2002, but cautioned that it contains provisions for Congressional mandates. Of NSF's priority areas, the mathematical sciences' budget was substantially increased and $10 million was provided for a new priority area, Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences.

Jacobs then reported on other FY2003 highlights including the possible transfer of programs from agencies to NSF—$57M from NOAA, $10M from USGS and $9M from EPA—and on the requests for MRE money which does not include HIAPER nor the Icecube project. In reviewing GEO's budget by division for FY2003, he pointed out that NCAR's budget may decrease by 3.9%. He noted that overall, GEO's budget request is an 13.4% increase from the previous year.

4. UCAR President's Report

UCAR President Anthes reviewed the recent activities of the corporation. He reported that the HIAPER contract was signed in December and that the aircraft is under construction; reported on the NSF reviews of NCAR and UCAR management which took place at the end of 2001; reviewed the Mesa Lab refurbishment and the possible acquisition of the Center Green Campus; noted the progress on the recruitment web site; briefed the committee on the first student conference at AMS in January; and reviewed the activities of the Office of Government Affairs.

In his briefing on the current issues and opportunities, Anthes reported on the importance of the acquisition of the new campus, on the financial and disruptive effects of a competitive bid process for the Cooperative Agreement for the management of NCAR, and on concerns regarding the FY2003 budgets.

5. NCAR Director's Report and Discussion

NCAR Director Tim Killeen updated the committee on NCAR's Strategic Plan, a grass roots effort that was approved by the UCAR Board in October 2001; reviewed UCAR's Education and Outreach Strategic Plan; reported on the recent hire of nine Scientist Is and on the status of other demographic concerns; and reported on the development of new initiatives to enhance alliances between NCAR and the universities.

Killeen discussed the implementation of the Strategic Plan and the new series of initiatives being developed. He reported that the 19 initiatives funded in FY2001 were divided into two groups in FY2002—11 smaller-scale efforts (<$100K/year) and larger-scale (>$100K/year) efforts. These initiatives are interdivisional, interdisciplinary and developed with university connections in mind.

He concluded his report by giving a status report on HIAPER and ARCS, a 3- to 4-year program to augment NCAR's high-performance computing capabilities.

6. NCAR and UOP Proposal Review

Ken Pickering, in the absence of the Subcommittee Chairwoman Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, presented the report of the URC Subcommittee on Proposal Review. After Pickering summarized the revised procedures for the review of NCAR and UOP proposals, he reported that 12 out of 46 proposals were randomly selected for review. The subcommittee, comprised of Foufoula-Georgiou, John Merrill, and Mohan Ramamurthy, found overall a general improvement in the completeness of the forms. Pickering noted that the adherence to the guidelines was excellent within all divisions and UOP.

Pickering then focused on the issue of cosponsorship. The subcommittee found inadequate justification for the substantial cosponsorship found on two of the proposals and because of these questions, requested that the proposal selection process be augmented with a screening method based on a "leveraging ratio." It was also suggested that explicit justification be provided if the cosponsorship was over a certain percentage of the total funding. The committee agreed that the leveraging information would be valuable in the review process. The URC approved the subcommittee's report on their review.

7. URC NCAR Liaison Report

Gene Takle, URC liaison to ATD, reported on his tour of Jeffco, and his visits with the dropsonde development team and IHOP personnel. He reported that ATD, with a long history of university interactions, is aware of the need and role of university collaboration and would welcome new ideas. Takle suggested other avenues for increasing university collaboration and noted the importance of awareness, on the part of both ATD's staff and university faculty and students, of opportunities that now exist for collaboration.

8. October 2002 Members' Meeting

Vice-President of Corporate Affairs Jack Fellows reviewed the white paper on the "October Members Meeting Forum 2002" that was provided in the meeting materials. For this discussion former URC Chairman Kelvin Droegemeier joined the committee by teleconference. Last year, after Droegemeier suggested that the 2002 Members' meeting focus on the private sector, the URC agreed that a forum be held at the meeting to look at the changing relationship between the private, academic and government weather sectors. Discussion centered on the development of the proposed forum.

The traditional forum structure, a plenary session and break-out groups, was discussed along with forming a panel made up of speakers from the private, public and government sectors. Issues that the committee felt the forum should address were: 1) careers and education options, 2) intellectual property rights and transfer; and 3) how to structure interaction with the private sector. Another idea was to present successful case studies of interactions between public and private entities. After further discussion, it was agreed that Kelvin Droegemeier, Jack Fellows, John Merrill, and Mohan Ramamurthy would work together and draw up a detailed program for the Members' forum. This program would then be further discussed at the Board of Trustees meeting in June.

9. Visits with NCAR and UOP Divisions and Programs

The committee broke up into groups a) and b) and attended the respective presentations. These presentations, given at the request of the URC, highlighted the services provided to the community and collaborative activities with universities. At the conclusion of the presentations, the committee convened and discussed each of the briefings. The powerpoint presentations that were given may be found at the URC meeting follow-up website. http://www.ucar.edu/governance/meetings/apr02/followup/

a) CGD Maurice Blackmon b) HAO Michael Knoelker
  ACD Danny McKenna   MMM Bob Gall
  ESIG Bob Harriss   ATD Dave Carlson
  SCD Al Kellie   RAP Brant Foote

The meeting recessed for a reception held in the cafeteria of the Foothills Laboratory.


9. Visits with NCAR and UOP Divisions and Programs (cont'd.)

The briefings were continued and the committee broke up into groups c) and d) and attended the respective presentations. Upon conclusion of the briefings, the committee convened and summarized each of the presentations. These powerpoint presentations may also be found at the url given above.

c) DLESE Mary Marlino d) Unidata Ben Domenico
  NSDL Dave Fulker   GST/SuomiNet Stick Ware
  COMET Joe Lamos   COSMIC Bill Kuo
  ASP Al Cooper   JOSS Dick Dirks

10. Unstructured Discussion

Bretherton drafted a paper on the responsibilities of the divisional URC liaisons and handed it out to the committee for comments. A few changes were discussed and Bretherton agreed to finalize the paper and have it posted on the meeting follow-up website. In discussing the venue for the Spring 2003 URC meeting, the committee agreed to meet at Stanford sometime in April with the specific meeting dates to be determined later.

The committee adjourned at 1:30pm.

~ End of Notes ~

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