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University Relations Committee Meeting

9 October 2002
3:30 - 6:15 pm

Note: New meeting location this year!
Center Green Campus - 3080 Center Green Drive, Room 3416


1. Welcome and introductions of new members: URC Chairman Chris Bretherton


2. Orientation for new committee members.

UCAR President Rick Anthes will lead the orientation and discussion.


3. Non-NSF/core NCAR and UOP proposal subcommittee report

The subcommittee chairwoman, Efi Foufoula-Georgiou, will report on the reviews of the non-NSF and non-core proposals from the last six months.


4. Members Meeting Discussion

Time is allotted for committee members to follow up on any items from the Members' Meeting, and to make suggestions for next year's meeting.


5. Follow-up on Spring 2002 meetings with NCAR and UOP divisions and programs.

The Spring 2002 NCAR and UOP division and programs presentations provided the URC with information about how the divisions perceived their current and planned university interactions. They also were aimed at giving the URC an opportunity to provide critical feedback. Does the URC have recommendations for enhancing the relations of specific programs or divisions to the university community beyond the informal feedback we provided at the spring meetings?


Break for refreshments


6. Update on the NCAR strategic planning implementation and NCAR-wide initiatives

Tim Killeen will discuss the NCAR strategic planning implementation and the status of the initiatives and possibilities for university involvement.


7. Members' and Affiliates' intra-university communications

It is increasingly important to communicate on advocacy and other important community issues with faculty that aren't in traditional member or affiliate departments. Discuss a possible survey and study that results in a comprehensive list of departments that are relevant to UCAR and interested in UCAR, with contact points. Rick Anthes will lead the discussion. Arthur Few, Chairman of the Membership Committee, will attend as well.


8. Agenda for Spring Meeting of the URC

The Spring 2003 meeting will be held at Stanford University on April 15-16. This time is allotted for discussion of agenda items.


9. Unstructured discussion



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