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UCAR Community Dedication of the Center Green Campus

Chairman of the Board dedication remarks

UCAR 2002 Meeting participants

History of the Center Green purchase

In 2001, the NSF panel reviewing the NCAR and UCAR management recommended that UCAR address the laboratory and facility space needs at the Foothills and Mesa Laboratories, especially in light of the new NCAR Strategic Plan, and the enhancement of collaborative programs with the universities. In early 2002, UCAR retained OZ Architecture and the Staubach Company to assess the space needs for the corporation and to look at the purchase options in Boulder County. In the spring 2002, UCAR developed a Strategic Analysis of Space Needs for UCAR and NCAR in the Boulder Area. This plan describes UCAR and its general space needs (e.g. laboratories, computer rooms, conference rooms, space for collaboration) and presents a recent history of growth of expenditures, people and space outlining the current, mid-term and longer term growth needs.

For example, UCAR saw the following categories of growth from 1997-2002:

-Expenditures 22.3%
-People 15.3%
-Space 7.3%

Planting of tree at Center Green

Based on questionnaires and interviews of all of NCAR, UOP and UCAR administration, as well as their own analysis, OZ Architecture and Staubach Company developed options and recommendations.

Their recommendations resulted in the purchase of the new campus on Center Green Drive in Boulder to expand community research, education and conference facilities by approximately 100,000 square feet.

NSF approved the purchase of the campus on 29 August. The purchase was completed on 6 September. During the week of 7 October, the meetings of the UCAR Board of Trustees, Members Representatives, Affiliates, University Relations Committee, and the joint UCAR AMS/AGU Heads and Chairs were hosted at the new campus.

Chairman of the Board dedication remarks


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