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Boulder, CO 7-11 October 2002

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Academic Affiliates Breakfast Meeting

8 October 2002

7:30 am

Note: New meeting location this year!
Center Green Cafeteria (Upper Level) - 3080 Center Green Drive



Welcome from Rick Anthes and Tim Killeen, and Introductions


AAP role in DLESE (Digital Library for Earth Science Education) program

Mary Marlino, DLESE Program Center (DPC) Director, and Raj Pandya, Unidata/DLESE Liaison, will join the Affiliates.

Discussion will center on a DLESE meteorology working group and discussion list to populate the DLESE operational library, as well as a larger role that the AAP might play in DLESE.


"Because of their programatic emphasis on education and their history of classroom innovation, the Academic Affiliates are uniquely situated to lead in developing effective educational strategies for atmospheric science. The DPC (DLESE Program Center) and DLESE could support these efforts by facilitating dissemination and evaluation of new or newly identified resources.

The need is clear: there are only 400 meteorological resources compared to over 1200 geological resources in the operational library. Lynn LeBlanc and other members of the AA community are already taking steps to address this with a meteorology mailing group that will idenftify exemplary meteorological resources. As a first step, the AAs could support this effort. There is a larger role, though, for the AAs. A breakfast discussion would allow us to explore the AAs goals and ways in which the DPC in particular, and more generally DLESE, could support these goals." Raj Pandi


Open discussion on any other issues of interest, particularly at respective AAP universities.


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