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Meeting Information

UCAR 2001 October Meetings
NCAR Mesa Laboratory
Boulder, CO
8 - 10 October 2001

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URC Agenda

UCAR University Relations Committee
10 October 2001
Fleischmann Building Board Room
Boulder, Colorado



Convene the URC Meeting

1.Chairman's Remarks

Outgoing Chairman Kelvin Droegemeier will make remarks and welcome Chris Bretherton as incoming URC Chairman. Bretherton will welcome new members and guests and ask for approval of April Meeting notes and October Agenda.

ACTION: Approve the April Meeting notes


2. Rick Anthes' Remarks

UCAR President Rick Anthes will give brief introductory remarks.


3. Non-Core Proposal Review

Subcommittee Chairman Ken Pickering will report on the NCAR and UOP proposals submitted for non-core funding since January 2001. The URC will be asked to vote on the Subcommittee's report and any other associated recommendations. New subcommittee members will be appointed.

ACTION: Accept the Subcommittee's report






4. URC Liaison Reports

a) URC liaisons who have visited NCAR divisions recently are asked to
provide a brief summary of their activties. Pickering, liaison to ASP, and Eric Betterton, liaison to ACD, will report on their divisional visits.

b) Bretherton will lead the discussion on the value of having URC liaisons to NCAR divisions. The committee will be asked to re-evaluate this role and make a recommendation to continue or discontinue the liaison program. The current URC liaisons are:

ASP - Ken Pickering

ACD - Eric Betterton

HAO - Pat Reiff

ATD - Gene Takle

MMM - Joseph Everette  

CGD - Chris Bretherton

RAP - Efi Foufoula-Georgiou

ESIG - tba

SCD - tba

Background: In 1998 the URC created the NCAR liaison role for URC members as a mechanism to enhance university/NCAR relations.

The following recommendation was approved in April 1998:

The URC recommends that UCAR should appoint URC representatives as ex-officio members of the NCAR external divisional advisory committees. The primary role of these representatives will be to advance the interactions between universities and NCAR divisions. These representatives will also serve as point persons for collecting comments for the URC on university-NCAR relations at the divisional level.

ACTION: Recommendation on the future of the URC Liaison Program


5. Developing the Agenda for the AMS meeting

Chris Bretherton, Rich Clark (Millersville University), and Kelvin Droegemeier will lead the discussion.

Rich Clark is organizing the AMS Student Conference at the upcoming AMS Annual meeting in Orlando, and has scheduled 90 minutes for a session on UCAR and NCAR science and facilities on Sunday, Jan. 13, from 1:30 to 3:00pm. Bretherton and Droegemeier will lead the discussion on how to structure this 90 minute session, which will have as its focus student opportunities, and will involve members of the university community speaking on facilities and science at UCAR and NCAR.

ACTION: Develop and approve the agenda for the UCAR/NCAR Session at AMS


6. Plans for the April 2002 meeting

Rick Anthes has invited the URC to have its April meeting in Boulder, visiting the NCAR and UOP divisions and programs. Bretherton will lead the discussion on the structure of this meeting and possible agenda items.

ACTION: Approve the plans for Spring 2002 meeting


Dinner Served
(cont. discussion on April 2002 meeting and/or informal conversation)


Executive Session if needed