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Meeting Information

UCAR 2001 October Meetings
NCAR Mesa Laboratory
Boulder, CO

8 - 10 October 2001

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Forum Information

Tuesday, 9 October 2001
3:15-5:45 PM

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For the past two years, the UCAR Members' Meeting Forum sessions have focused on how the UCAR community--UCAR, UOP, NCAR, university, and agencies--positions itself to meet the opportunities and challenges of the next several decades.

The 1999 Forum sessions considered these challenges as framed in the 1998 BASC Report and the NSF Geosciences Beyond 2000 report. The issues raised during the sessions formed the basis for the UCAR Community Survey (Public Results) sent to over 2000 members of the broad atmospheric and related sciences community in May of last year.

The 2000 Forum sessions were organized around issues in key areas of interest as determined from the community survey results: 1) Observational Facilities, Instrumentation, and Field Program Support; 2) Computing Facilities/Community Models; 3) Data/Real-time and Archived Data, Data Sets, Data Streams; 4) Education and Training and 5) Recruiting Graduate Students.

Since the October 2000 meetings, new UCAR Education & Outreach and NCAR Strategic Plans have been developed. These plans outline new research and education directions and reflect feedback from the forum sessions.

This year's Annual Meeting Forum sessions have been organized to discuss these new strategic plans and possible collaborative opportunities. The schedule is as follows:

Tuesday, 9 October

3:10 pm. Plenary Session. Otis Brown will introduce the Forum.
NCAR Director Tim Killeen will present the new NCAR Strategic Plan, and Roberta Johnson, Education and Outreach Program Director, will provide an overview of the new UCAR Education and Outreach Strategic Plan.

4:15 - 5:45 The following Break-out groups are organized to discuss areas of common scientific and educational interest, novel approaches to collaborations, and to build on the traditional interactions. Co-chairs will highlight a few examples from the plenary strategic plan presentations and relevant UOP programs. The university participants will comment on these and related activities at their universities. Discussion will center on collaborative opportunities.

    Break-out Groups:
    (See below for the web links to the strategic plans and relevant programs and projects).

    1. Education and Training
      (Co-Chairs: Gene Takle and Roberta Johnson)
    2. Information Technology
      (Co-Chairs: Kelvin Droegemeier, Al Kellie and Dave Fulker)
    3. Observational Facilities
      (Co-Chairs: Ron Smith and Dave Carlson)
    4. Science Thrusts
      (Co-Chairs: Chris Bretherton and Tim Killeen)

Reference materials

  1. General Links:
  2. Break-out Session Links:
    1. Education and Training
    2. Information Technology (supercomputing resources, frameworks, data sets community models.)
      1. Relevant UOP programs: Unidata, GST, and COSMIC
      2. High Performance Simulation Plan
      3. Models and Data Sets on the UCAR web.

    3. Observational Facilities
      1. COSMIC
    4. Science Thrusts
      1. UOP
A summary of ideas presented in each of the Wednesday's reporting session will be compiled. The summary will be put on a follow-up web site shortly after the meeting.

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