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Travel & Registration
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Airline, Hotel & Car Rental

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Travel Information

Meeting participants:

In addition to making your airline reservations, there are two forms to submit as you make plans to attend the meeting :

The UCAR Meeting Registration form

The Broker Hotel registration form

Please fill these out as soon as possible. Please contact Karen Smith-Herman or Susan Warner, if you need further information.

Airline Reservations:

Navigant International (formerly Professional Travel Corp)
Denver, Colorado
M - F 7:00 am - 6:00 pm MDT
Phone: (800) 333-6338 or (303) 706-0570
FAX: 303-706-0737
email: meetings@ptc.agencymail.com

To make airline reservations through UCAR, please call Navigant International, and identify yourself as part of the UCAR Annual Members' Meeting; they have visitor and travel authorization numbers to book your flight. Electronic tickets will be issued unless paper tickets are specifically requested. Since we are no longer able to take advantage of special airfares, we ask that you make your reservations as soon as you can, and, as always, request the lowest fare possible.

If you are able to get a better rate through your own travel agent, please feel free to do so.

Car Rental:

UCAR actively supports alternatives to in-town car travel, thus we request that you avail yourself of one of the shuttle services between Boulder and DIA, and of the bus UCAR provides for transportation between the Broker and the Mesa Lab. (Should you need to visit the Foothills, UCAR shuttles run regularly between the Foothills and Mesa Labs). However, if you decide to rent a car, please make arrangements with Navigant International. If you are renting a Hertz car,

reserve it under the Applicant's Program so we can more efficiently process your travel voucher. Please note that although Hertz will take your credit card number, you will not incur any charges.

(This program does not apply to other car rental companies.)

NB: please do not accept the supplemental car insurance. Because you are traveling on UCAR business, you will be automatically covered through UCAR, thus the supplemental charges are not reimbursable.

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