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Today's Date is:

  • Financials - UCAR Board Treasure Lynn Hutton report on UCARís consolidated financial report.
  • UCAR Board Chairman - UCAR Board Chairman Otis Brownís summary of the UCAR Boardís activities over the past year.
  • UCAR - UCAR President Rick Anthes report on UCAR, NCAR, and UOP annual activities.
  • NCAR Director Introduction - NCAR Director Tim Killeenís introduction of NCAR strategic planning activities.
  • NSF - NSF ATM Director Jarvis Moyers and Head UCAR and Lower Atmospheric Facilities Section report on recent NSF activities and budget issues.
  • UCAR Education & Outreach - UCAR Education and Outreach Director Roberta Johnsonís overview of UCAR education and outreach planning.
  • University Relations Committee - University Relations Committee Chairman Kelvin Droegemeierís report on the URC activities over the past year.
  • Academic Affiliates - Academic Affiliates Committee Chairman Rick Clarke' report on the October 2000 AA meeting.
  • UCAR Foundation - UCAR Foundation President John Duttonís report on recent UCAR Foundation activities.
  • UCAR Advocacy Activities - Summary of the Presidentís FY01 Budget, UCAR advocacy activities, and thanks to all those involved community members involved.

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