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October 2000 UCAR Meeting Participants

A number of the Members' Representatives, Academic Affiliates, and University Relations Committee attendees at the October 2000--UCAR's 40th Anniversary--Annual Meeting.
Photo taken by Carlye Calvin

First of all, my sincere thanks to all of you for your participation in the UCAR October meetings this past week--it was an exciting week for us as we wrapped up the past year of our 40th Anniversary celebrations! We hope you enjoyed the festivities, and found the meetings productive. It's clear that there are many interesting and important issues for our community to tackle both in the near-term and in the years ahead.  We thank you for the time and energy you spent in the Members' Forum and other discussions in the meetings throughout the week. These discussions are a useful part of the UCAR, NCAR and UCAR Office of programs planning process.  We invite your continued participation over this next year, especially as we move toward a strategic plan for NCAR.

This website contains links to follow-up information for all the meetings, including downloadable slides of the electronic presentations. In the near future, we will link the forum break-out group summaries and include an opportunity to continue the conversations.

Again my thanks for all of your ideas, suggestions, and good conversations.  It was a productive week!


Rick Anthes
UCAR President





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