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For the October 2000 Annual Meeting Forum, five breakout groups were formed from the key areas identifed in the community-wide survey held earlier in the year. These groups considered current and future UCAR and NCAR activities in these areas. Chairs of each breakout session provided summaries of the session discussions. UCAR/NCAR will incorporate this community feedback into UCAR/NCAR planning activities and report to the UCAR Board of Trustees.

Break out session overviews and summaries are provided in the following links:

If you have further comments on any of the breakout sessions or if you would like more information on the Annual Meeting or any of UCAR's activities, please contact:

Susan Friberg (friberg@ucar.edu)

UCAR and NCAR would like to thank all those members of the community who participated in this dialogue, and we look forward to many more years serving our community together!

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