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2000 October Members' Meeting Membership,
Trustee and Committee Elections

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Membership Election

  • New UCAR Membership

    At the 2000 Annual Meeting the Members voted to approve membership for Arizona State University, Howard University, and Rutgers University-- bringing UCAR membership to 66 institutions.

  • Membership Renewals. The following memberships were renewed for another eight year term:

University of Alabama at Hunstville

Rice University

Drexel University

Stanford University

Iowa State University

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

University of Wyoming

Ohio State University

Yale University

  • Academic Affiliate. The Membership Committee, at their June meeting, approved Dalhousie University as an Academic Affiliate. Academic Affiliation does not require formal approval at the Members' meeting, but is reported here for information purposes only.

Trustees' and Members' Committee Election

Elections were held for Trustees, Nominating and Membership Committee, University Relations Committee, and the Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee.

  • Trustee results

    Eugenia Kalnay (University of Maryland) and Soroosh Sorooshian (University of Arizona) were elected new Trustees. Patricia Woodworth (University of Chicago) was elected Trustee at Large and Leo Donner (Princeton) and Gabor Vali (University of Wyoming) were relected for another three term.

  • Members' Committees

    Membership Committee : Anthony Brazel (Arizona State University), Art Few (Rice University), and Robert Talbot (University of New Hampshire) were elected to the Membership Committee.

    Nominating Committee. Otis Brown (University of Miami) Fred Carr (University of Oklahoma), Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli, Chairwoman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), John Merrill (University of Rhode Island), and Mary Jo Richardson (The Texas A&M University) were elected to the Nominating Committee.

    URC. Eric Betterton (University of Arizona) was relected for another three term. Efi Foufoula-Georgiou (University of Minnesota), Everette Joseph (Howard University), and Pat Reiff (Rice University) were elected as new members of the URC.

    SPEC. Susan Avery (University of Colorado), Eric Barron (Penn State), Robert Duce (Texas A&M), Franco Einaudi (NASA), Chris Fairall (NOAA), Daniel Jacob (Harvard), Bert Semtner (Naval Postgraduate School), and Lisa Sloan (UC-Santa Cruz) were elected to the SPEC.

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