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Secretary's Report

Treasurer's Report

Graduate Student Survey Summary

Strategic Plan for High Performance Simulation

UCAR Federal Relations

October 2000 Meetings' Schedule

October Meetings General Schedule And Agenda Items

9 October Monday

1:00 pm Board of Trustees' Meeting convenes
5:30 Recess



HAO 60th Anniversary Banquet (off-site)
BOT informal dinner

10 October, Tuesday

7:30 am Academic Affiliates Breakfast Meeting
8:00 BOT reconvenes
11:30 BOT adjourns
1:00 pm Members Convene
5:30 Members recess
6:00 40th Anniversary Banquet





11 October, Wednesday

8:00 Members reconvene
noon Members luncheon
3:00 Members Adjourn
3:30 - 7:30 URC Meeting




12 October, Thursday

8-5pm AMS/UCAR Heads and Chairs Meeting
5:30-8:30 Heads and Chairs Reception



13 October, Friday

8-noon AMS/UCAR Heads and Chairs Meeting




DRAFT Annual 2000 Members Meeting Outline

10 October, Tuesday - 1:00- 5:30
11 October, Wednesday - 8:00- 3:00

  • Regular Business
    • Welcome and Agenda approval
    • Secty Report
    • Treas Report
    • Approval of Auditors
  • Remarks:
    • Rick to introduce new NCAR Director
    • Tim Killeen Remarks
  • Reports
    • Chairman of the Board Annual Report
    • NSF
    • UCAR
    • NCAR
    • UOP
    • Appropriations Update and Advocacy Strategy Report
  • "Opportunities and Challenges for the Future"
    • Summary of last year's Forum
    • Summary of the community survey (incl. responsiveness to Forum questions) and survey results
    • Summary of the "UCAR at 40" document that will highlight the past and look forward to the future
    • Provide overall conclusions taken from 1-3 and outline next steps UCAR and the various parts of the community might take (including on the graduate student issue (provide results from the survey)
  • Committee Reports
    • Nominating Committee Report
      - Voting procedures, Tellers, Adoption of slates and Election of Trustees and Members
    • Membership Committee Report
    • University Relations Committee Report
Unstructured Discussion