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Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, 5 April   


Dinner for URC members and UCAR attendees.  Amalfi Restaurant at the Village Inn Hotel


6:00 reception; 6:30 dinner 


Wednesday, 6 April 
Coastal Institute Building, Conference Room


8:00 am

Continental Breakfast will be available.



1.  Convene the meeting — John Merrill, URC Chairman


Welcome, Introductions, and Agenda review



2.  Opening Remarks — Rick Anthes, President of UCAR



3.  October 2004 Meeting Notes — URC Chairman will ask for approval of the notes from the last URC meeting.


Action:  Approve the meeting notes.



4.  NSF Report —Bernard Grant, UCAR & Lower Atmospheric Facilities Oversight Section, ATM/GEO, will report on NSF items of interest to the university community. 



5.  UCAR, NCAR and UOP Status Reports



UCAR President Rick Anthes, NCAR Director Tim Killeen, and UOP Director Jack Fellows will update the URC on current activities, focusing on those that are university-related.   Time is allotted for discussion






6.  Review of Non-Core and Non-NSF Proposals – Kerry Cook, Chairwoman of the proposal review subcommittee, will report on the review of NCAR non-NSF and UOP non-core proposals submitted from July through December 2004. 


In addition, the draft FY2004 NCAR Non-NSF Funding Report is included for your review.  This report will be included in the overall URC report to the Members for the Annual Meeting in October.


Action:  Receive the report of the proposal review subcommittee.



 7. Update on SOARS (Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science)


The SOARS program is celebrating its 10th birthday.  SOARS Director Rajul Pandya will be on hand to update the URC, and to lead a discussion on the feasibility of creating SOARS-like programs at universities, and the next steps for the program at UCAR.   An overview of the program is included in the meeting materials.



8.  Update on the NCAR Faculty Fellowship Program. 


Sepi Yalda will update the URC on the Faculty Fellowship Program’s first round of applications.  Everette Joseph, David Karoly, Lisa White, and Sepi Yalda form the subcommittee charged with reviewing the applications. A description of the program is included in the meeting materials.





1:00 pm

The URC will convene in Executive Session


9. Rick Anthes and Tim Killeen will lead a discussion on the competition and on URC involvement in the conceptual planning for the revised NCAR strategic plan and other potential avenues for URC involvement in these activities. A set of questions and the current NCAR strategic plan, “NCAR as Integrator”, were sent to the committee in advance of the meeting.






Science talks by URI students and faculty






Reception for the URC and URI faculty, students, and administration.


Place to be announced.

Thursday,7 April 


Breakfast with students



The URC will reconvene in Regular Session


10.  Planning for the October Members’ Meeting agenda


Jack Fellows will lead the discussion. 



11. Unstructured Discussion


Time is allotted for reports from, or discussion about the role of divisional liaisons, and/or other university relations matters



The URC will convene in Executive Session


The Committee will meet with Rick Anthes.





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