URC Meeting


University Relations Committee Meeting
University of Maryland
Howard University
24-25 April 2001



An ice-breaker dinner for the URC will be held at the Sir Walter Raleigh Restaurant, College Park, Maryland.

University of Maryland


Continental Breakfast will be available in the Main Concourse.



1. Welcome Remarks

Eugenia Kalnay, Chairwoman of the Meteorology Department and member of the UCAR Board of Trustees, will welcome the URC and UCAR to the University of Maryland.

UCAR President Rick Anthes and URC Chairman Kelvin Droegemeier will welcome the meeting participants and local hosts to the URC meeting.

Students and Faculty from the Meteorology Department have been invited to attend the meeting from 8:30-10:30 am.



2. Overview of UCAR and Report on Current Activities.

Rick Anthes will present an overview of UCAR, update the URC on the status of UCAR activities and other items of interest.


3. NCAR AND UOP Program Updates and Discussion

a. NCAR Director Tim Killeen will discuss current NCAR activities.

b. UOP Director Jack Fellows will present on update on UOP activities.Time is allotted for discussion.






4. October URC Meeting Notes

Chairman Kelvin Droegemeier will present the URC October Meeting notes.

Action: Approval of the meeting notes.






5. Non-Core Proposal Review

Subcommittee Chairman Ken Pickering will lead the discussion on the NCAR and UOP proposals submitted for non-core funding from July-December 2000.

Tim Hundsdorfer, NCAR Budget and Planning Office, will present a report on NCAR/universities collaborations over the past four years.

In addition, the draft FY2000 NCAR Non-NSF Funding Report is included for your review. This report will be included in the overall URC report to the Members for the Annual Meeting in October.

Action: Receive the report of the non-core proposal review subcommittee.


Lunch Break at the Mount Clare Café in the Convention Center



6. NSF Review of NCAR and NSF Remarks

Cliff Jacobs, Head of UCAR and Lower Atmospheric Facilities--ATM/NSF, will discuss the NSF FY2002 budget and the NSF Review of NCAR. Time is allotted for discussion.




7. UCAR Advocacy

Jack Fellows will present the FY2002 UCAR Advocacy Strategy and Priorities, and current status of the FY2002 federal budget.

Action: The URC is asked to provide feedback on the strategy and priorities.




8. October 2001 Members' Meeting

With the recent development of new research initiatives and possible new directions for NCAR, and the creation of the new Education and Outreach Strategic Plan, Forum sessions at the 2001 October Members' Meeting could focus on these plans for research and support to the atmospheric and related sciences community--bringing to closure a three year look at the new challenges and opportunities for UCAR and the universities.

Discussion will be led by Rick Anthes and Tim Killeen. A short background paper follows this agenda.

Action: URC to provide guidance on the proposed topics and structure of the 2001 Members Meeting.





Executive Session


Recess with Reception immediately following in the Atrium of the Meteorology Department on campus. Directions will be given at the meeting.

Wednesday, 25 April
Howard University

8:30 am

9. Welcome Remarks by Howard University officials.


10. Graduate Student Recruitment Discussion

Rick Anthes will lead a discussion on the following:

a. a recent BAMS article on the state of applications and enrollments in graduate programs in the atmospheric and related sciences.

b. the development of a student recruiting website


11. URC input on Nominating Process

Rick Anthes will ask for the URC for help in identifying nominees for Trustee and Committee slates for the elections at the October Annual Meeting.

Action: URC to provide names for slate of new URC members, and for Trustees and other Members' Committees




12. NCAR/University Connections

Kelvin Droegemeier will lead the discussion on the following.

a. NCAR Divisional Liaison reports;

b. Follow-up on discussion items from the October URC meeting:

1) discussion on bringing graduate student visitors to NCAR to inform them of the work being done at the National Center

2) discussion on a URC-led session on UCAR programs at the AMS 2002 Annual Meeting.

Action: ask for NCAR divisional liaison volunteers; explore ideas for, and feasibility of, a graduate student program or workshop; decide whether to pursue planning for a session on UCAR at the AMS 2002 Annual Meeting.


13. DLESE/Unidata Programs.

Dave Fulker, Director of the Unidata Program and on sabbatical with the DLESE program, will discuss the current status of these programs, and present and future directions. Ample time is allotted for discussion. This agenda topic is a continuation of previous day's discussion on UCAR and NCAR research and education directions.


14. Working lunch—Unstructured Discussion.



Background for discussion with the URC on the October 2001 Annual Meeting Forum Sessions (see items 8 & 13)

For the past two years, the October Meeting Forum Sessions have focused on UCAR, UOP, and NCAR programs and the universities as they evolve to meet the opportunities and challenges of the next several decades.

The 1999 Forum sessions considered these challenges as framed in the 1998 BASC report—The Atmospheric Sciences Entering the Twenty-first Century—and the NSF Geosciences Beyond 2000 report—Understanding and Predicting Earth's Environment and Habitability. The issues identified at this meeting formed the basis for the UCAR Community Survey sent to over 2000 members of the broad atmospheric and related sciences community in May of last year. .

The October 2000 Forum sessions were organized around issues in the following key areas of interest as determined from the community survey results:

  • Observational Facilities/Instrumentation/Field Program Support
  • Computing Facilities/Community Models
  • Data/Real-time and Archived Data, Data Sets, Data Streams
  • Education and Training
  • Recruiting Graduate Students

Since the October 2000 meetings, much effort has been put into formulating new research directions for NCAR as it develops its strategic plan, and into the development of a UCAR Education and Outreach Strategic Plan.

We propose that the October 2001 Annual Meeting Forum Sessions be organized to:

1) communicate these new NCAR research directions and the UCAR education plan to the UCAR community; and 2) facilitate effective community interaction on these plans as they relate to community interests and needs.

We ask the URC to consider these topics, and to advise on the most effective way to structure the discussions.

In addition, URC guidance is requested for the 2002 Forum. It has been suggested that the October 2002 Members Meeting Forum examine the relationship between the private sector and the academic and research communities, including on new education needs for those students who are looking at careers outside academia.

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