Dear UCAR Member and Affiliate Representatives,

As I start my second month on the job as UCAR’s 6th President, I realize that a brief note of introduction to our Member Representatives is overdue.

I am particularly indebted to Rick Anthes for leaving me an organization that is every bit as relevant, engaged, and essential for the well being of our nation today as it was over 52 years ago when it was first created. I am equally grateful to the Board of Trustees for putting their trust in me to lead this organization forward over the next five years. I would also like thank you in advance for your commitment to the success of the consortium and for the invaluable counsel and encouragement that you have already provided, and will provide to me in the months and years ahead.

The 77 UCAR Members and 24 Academic Affiliates are the “U” in UCAR, and as such, are key in making sure that we are focused on the highest priority research, education, advocacy, and other issues facing you, our community, and the nation. We need to both retain and earn your full support and appreciation for what we do. We accomplish that by enabling your successes and maintaining your trust that we are advancing the fortunes of our entire enterprise through our advocacy efforts. To achieve this outcome, I will make it a high priority to visit all of your departments over the course of the next five years with the goal of learning about the challenges that you face, listening to your ideas on how we can be your preferred partner for achieving your objectives, and helping to raise awareness of the importance of your work at the highest levels of your administration. My first trip will be to Georgia in April. 

As President, my focus will be on articulating why what we all do – carrying out the basic and applied research that saves lives, promotes economic stability, educates a technically savvy workforce, and safeguards our societal security – deserves continued investment by our nation. I will spend a significant portion of my time in Washington advocating for your programs and activities as well as UCAR’s.  We are all in this together. For UCAR to succeed, our university partners and academic affiliates must succeed and vice versa. 

And we have an incredibly compelling story to tell. The political and budgetary chaos that currently reigns within the beltway is not a threat, but is an opportunity for us to advance our agenda and promote our shared brand. The nation needs us more than ever, and my job is to ensure that our leaders know this and appreciate why investing in what we do is a very smart decision.

As your national center, you depend upon us for three critical functions. First, from our inception, we have been an intellectual nexus and an oasis on the Silk Road of atmospheric and related science where the best and brightest from our community have come to visit for a day, perhaps lingered for a week, and in some cases stayed for the remainder of their careers. Second, we have the capacity to work with you to take difficult scientific problems from the “aha” or “eureka” moments straight through to a practical application that makes a difference in people’s lives. Third, we can catalyze community consensus around key issues that affect us all, and then effectively articulate and advocate for that position across government agencies.

I had the opportunity to meet several of you at the annual American Meteorological Society meeting in New Orleans last month. I will meet many more of you on my travels during the remainder of this year.  And finally, I hope to have the opportunity to spend time with each and every one of you at the upcoming members meeting this fall in Boulder. In the meantime, I welcome you to call or email me any time with questions you have about any aspect of UCAR. Please share your ideas with me on how our community can meet 21st century scientific challenges in the most effective and high impact ways. My contact information is:;  cell: +1-720-384-7659; office: +1-303-497-1652.

It is a great time for the atmospheric and earth system sciences and I am privileged and honored to represent you and our national center as UCAR’s sixth president. Having spent 21 years as an NCAR scientist and administrator, 2 years as an NSF Program Director, and 6 years as a NOAA service center director, I am confident that I possess the diverse range of knowledge and experience necessary to effectively build the coalitions and partnerships that will be required to move our enterprise forward.  However, without your support, assistance, and guidance, the outcomes we all desire will remain elusive.  I hope I can count on your friendship and good will in the months and years ahead.

With Kind Regards,

Tom Bogdan
UCAR President            
phone: +1 303 497 1652
cell:  +1 720 384 7659



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