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Subcommittee on Review of Non-Core Proposals

The President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR) contributed in the development of a set of criteria applied to the submittal of non-core proposals by NCAR. A subcommittee of the PACUR was appointed in April 1993 to review NCAR's non-NSF proposals and to determine if the proposals were adhering to the criteria. Beginning in December 1995 UCP non-core proposals were also included in this review. This review process is important for two reasons: it is an assurance to the universities that there is no unfair competition and it serves as a mechanism to encourage collaboration between NCAR and UCP and the university community. The procedure that the subcomittee follows for reviewing NCAR and UOP proposals can be found here.

The current subcommittee members are listed below:

Bob Street, Chair
Yvette Richardson
Jeff Trapp

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