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Procedure for PACUR Subcommittee on Proposal Review

Criteria for Proposals for Non-Core Funded Activities

The following procedures are designed to support the PACUR review process: 

  1. Prior to proposal selection, UCAR provides all Subcommittee members an orientation on the non-core proposal process, past issues and how they were resolved, and a clear understanding that the Subcommittee should examine the proposal process relative to currently approved criteria.  Any suggestions or recommendations on refining the criteria and procedures should be made to the PACUR committee for approval and future consideration.  

  2. UCAR provides the PACUR non-core proposal Subcommittee chair with a list of UCAR non-core proposals over $100K that were submitted since the last cycle.   This list should include the proposal number, name of the laboratory or program, title, date submitted, sponsor, requested amount, co-sponsorship amount and leveraging ratio (where there is NSF base-funding), and collaboration category (3a,b,c, or d).  

  3. The Subcommittee chair has the discretion of selecting all proposals or may select a representative sample of proposals from the various UCAR and NCAR labs/programs and collaboration categories. 

  4. The Subcommittee chair notifies UCAR of the selected proposal numbers. The Advance Notice forms, cover pages, letters of collaboration, confirmation of university affiliation, and budgets for each of the selected proposals are sent to the Subcommittee members.  A copy of the PACUR review criteria is also sent to the Subcommittee members.  

  5. The Subcommittee reviews the material listed above with regard to the criteria and discusses their reviews via a conference call or e-mail. At this time, if more information is required on a specific proposal, the Subcommittee may request that the complete proposal be provided to them. The Subcommittee should contact the relevant UCAR entity representative (NCAR, UCP, E&O, etc) to address specific questions or general concerns that arise during their review.

  6. Based on the Subcommittee members input, the Subcommittee chair develops a report that includes a summary of:

    1. the compliance of the proposals with PACUR criteria and any relevant conversations with UCAR management.

    2. the representativeness of the sample proposals selected vs. the total number of proposals in each UCAR entity and in terms of the dollar value of the proposals.

    3. any Subcommittee conclusions or recommendations.

  7. Four weeks prior to the PACUR meeting, the report is submitted by the Subcommittee chair to UCAR Governance office for distribution to UCAR entities for their review and any final response to questions that the Subcommittee may have had on the proposals.  It is expected that any issues will have been addressed by interactions mentioned in step four and five.

  8. UCAR’s response is sent to the subcommittee chair no later than two weeks before the PACUR meeting, and then is distributed by the chair to the subcommittee members. The subcommittee reviews these comments and engages UCAR as needed. A goal is to resolve any issues prior to the subsequent PACUR meeting.

  9. UCAR and the Subcommittee chair develop a joint report that summarizes the Subcommittee’s analysis, UCAR responses, and any further UCAR or subcommittee comments or recommended actions.  That report is submitted to the   PACUR Chair and Committee members no later than two weeks before the next PACUR meeting where the Subcommittee Chair will brief the PACUR on the joint report conclusions and recommendations.  Once that report is approved by the PACUR, it is submitted to the UCAR President and  NSF for monitoring purposes.

  10. UCAR staff may update Subcommittee orientation materials based on joint report recommendations. Based on these joint reports, the PACUR Chair presents a PACUR report        at the UCAR Annual Meeting that summarizes the proposal review process and outcome for the prior year and any other relevant matters. 


Revised and approved by UCAR and the PACUR in April 2011

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