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President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR)
Formerly University Relations Committee (URC)

The President’s Advisory Committee on University Relations (PACUR) helps maintain good communication and relationships between the Corporation and members. The PACUR acts as an advisory committee to the President, proposing agenda items for members' meetings and proposing activities and programs for UCAR to undertake. The PACUR also reviews NCAR's non-NSF funding and considers any charges of unfair competition by NCAR from the university community, and reviews UCP funding for activities that lie outside the scope of the sponsor agreements that form the core of each UCP program. For more information on the PACUR, please contact the committee chair, Yvette Richardson or Hanne Mauriello, UCAR President's Office.

List of PACUR Members
Upcoming Meetings:
Date(s): Day(s): Location:
06 May 2014
Boulder, CO
15 October 2014
Boulder, CO
Archives of Past Meetings
Minutes of Previous Meetings
Subcommittee on Review of Non-Core Proposals


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