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Membership Committee

The Membership Committee considers applications for election and reelection of UCAR Members and Academic Affiliates, and makes recommendations to the Members at the Annual Members’ Meeting. The committee also regularly reviews the UCAR Membership criteria and procedures.

The bylaws specify a committee of at least five members; the term is for three years. Committee members do not need to be a Members Representative.

Committee Members:
2014 Member Renewals:
University Primary Reviewer Secondary Reviewer
College of Charleston Daniel Keyser Tom Mote
Harvard University Todd Sikora George Young
University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign Ken Bowman Nicole Molders
Scripps Institute of Oceanography Kirk Maasch Daniel Keyser
SUNY, Albany Bill Beasley Jim Carton
SUNY, Stoney Brook Len Pietrafesa Jim Carton
University of Toronto Joe Zehnder Ken Bowman
2014 New Member Applications:
University New Member Review and Site Visit Team
Hampton University  
Membership Committee Information:

Please note: This information is specific to Membership Committee Members (password protected).

2014 Schedule
January 29 Membership Committee Conference Call
April 30 Renewal and New Membership Applications due
July 2 Committee Reviews are due
Week of July 7 Membership Committee Conference Call to discuss, vote and finalize committee recommendations
October 14-15 UCAR Member's Meeting

New Application Packets: Renewal Application Packets:



Hampton University
College of Charleston
Harvard University
University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign
Curricula Vitae
Scripps Institute of Oceanography
SUNY, Albany
SUNY, Stoney Brook
University of Toronto

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