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Friends of UCAR

A fund for SCIENCE EDUCATION programs

Since 1996, contributors to Friends of UCAR have helped to enhance interest in and understanding of the atmospheric and related sciences for thousands of students, teachers, families, and members of the public. Educational programs, web sites, exhibits, and events supported by Friends reach diverse audiences and span the fascinating breadth of UCAR, NCAR, and UCP research — from predicting weather to modeling climate and understanding the impacts of severe weather and global change on society and the environment. Descriptions of past projects and activities are show below.

New and renewed donations from UCAR employees and NCAR visitors will help Friends of UCAR to expand its impact on the learning and enjoyment of science. The Friends of UCAR Steering Committee is interested to hear ideas for how the fund should be allocated to education and outreach activities and projects in the coming year. Please use this form to submit your suggestions.

Contributions to Friends of UCAR are tax exempt under UCAR’s non-profit IRS designation.

Thank you to all past and current Friends of UCAR donors for your generous support!

Past donations to Friends of UCAR have helped to develop the following
educational resources:

I.M. Pei: Creating an Architectural Masterpiece

An exhibit that opened in 2009
featuring the original I. M. Pei architectural model
of the Mesa Lab and richly illustrated exhibit panels
about Pei, the building, and its significance to the
history of architecture

I.M.Pei Exhibit image

Teacher’s Guide to NCAR exhibits

Lesson plans designed to extend learning about NCAR Mesa Lab exhibits to K-12 teachers and their students

Bilingual Science Teacher’s Annual Resources Symposium (BSTARS)

This annual event brings over 100 bilingual educators to NCAR to learn about science resources, network, and collaborate on worthwhile projects and programs.

Guide-by-Cell Audio Tour

Serving nearly 3,000 children and adults annually at the Mesa Lab through narratives in English and Spanish

Earth bulletins

Large screen video projections in the Climate Discovery Exhibit

Web Weather for Kids

Web-based, hands-on science activities, information, and animations about dramatic weather events for middle-school students

Weather Kiosk

An interactive exhibit presenting daily updates of weather and environmental data and images

Atmospheric Odyssey

The 40th anniversary exhibit at the Mesa Lab

The Walter Orr Roberts Weather Trail

New interpretive signs as of 2010 on the trail behind NCAR explaining typical Front Range weather phenomena

Super Science Saturday

This is an annual fall event that celebrates Science with thousands of kids and parents

Super Science Saturday picture of digital sphere

Digital Sphere

A portable globe displaying climate models and satellite images for visitors of all ages at the NCAR Mesa Lab

UCAR logoUCAR is a non-profit consortium of over 100 university members and affiliates founded in 1960 to enhance the capabilities of the universities and to focus on scientific problems that are beyond the scale of a single university. UCAR carries out its mission through management of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), and UCAR Community Programs (UCP).

If you would more information about Friends of UCAR, please contact Spark ( 303.497.2595

Friends of UCAR Steering Committee: Wendy Abshire, Linda Carbone, Bob Henson, Karon Kelly, Bill Mahoney, Meg McClelland, Richard Neale, Teresa Rivas, Joe VanAndel, and Terry Woods

Coordinators: Laura Allen, Susan Foster, Raj Pandya

Friends of UCAR Donors 1997 – 2010

Abshire, Wendy E.
Adams, Jeanne
Agee, Ernest
Allfrist Trust
Amgen Foundation
Ammann, Caspar
Andreine, Patricia (Pat)
Anthes, Rick
Austin, Meg
Avery, Susan
Barker, Harriet Vincent
Baumann, Karsten
Beasant, Norma
Beatty, Haradon (Had)
Bishop, William P.
Blackmon, Maurice
Blake, Christine
Bonner, William
Breed, Daniel W.
Butler, Laura
Caldwell, Ginger
Carbone, Rit and Linda
Chapin, Julie
Conrad, Steve
Cooper, William
Coors Brewing
Correll, Ruth A.
Crawford, Bradley
Crichlow, Michael
Dabberdt, Walt
Davis, Shelia Marie
Dickson, David
Domenico, Benedict
Durlak, Susan
Emo, Julie
Emmons, Louisa
Engel, Thomas M.
Farrell, Brian Dr.
Fellows, Jack
Fisk, Lennard
Foote, Brant
Foster, Susan and Ben
Fudhali, Abdullah Ali
Fulker, David
Gall, Robert and Linda
Gallo, Inger
Gallon, Zhenya
Golden Family Found.
Golden, Mary
Guinn, Gary and Linda
Haagenson, Phil
Hagan, Maura
Haddad, Ron
Hall, Samuel R.
Hallgren, Richard & Maxine
Hanzel, Karl
Harriss, Robert
Henderson, Sandra
Henson, Bob
Herman, Benjamin M.
Hogan, Regina
Hopper, Jan
Houghton, David and Barbara
Howe, Kaye
Hundsdorfer, Tim
Hutton, Lyn
Johnson, Donald R.
Johnson, Paul H.
Johnson, Richard H.
Johnson, Victoria
Kastner, Christa
Kellogg, Will and Betty
Kelly, Gloria
Kelly, Karon
Kennel, Charles
Killeen, Tim & Roberta
Kirwan, A.D.
Krause, Keith
Kuettner, Joachim
Lacey, Patricia
Lamb, George and Ann
Larson, Paige
Lee, Mary
Lee, Robert H.
Leovy, Conway
Lewis, Joan C.
Linn, Helen K.
List, Roland
Lockheed Martin
Mahoney, William P.
Malone, Thomas F.
Mankovich, Karen & James
Marlino, Mary
McClellan, Margaret
Miesch, Mark
Meneghini, George
Minger, Terry
Modahl, Alf C. and Ann S.
Moeng, Chin-Hoh
Moomaw, William R.
Morse, Corinne
Montgomery-Hodge, Susan
Munoz, Rene
Neale, Richard
Nunn, Colleen
Nychka, Doug
Oien, Niles
Osmun, Bruce
Paegle, Julia
Pandya, Rajul
Paquet, Patricia
Peltier, W.R.
Pennell, William T.
Peterson, Betty L.
Petroy, David & Shelley
Pike, Julian M.
Ramamurthy, Mohan
Rasmussen, Carol
Rawson, Bill
Razo, Juanita
Reaves, Jeff
Reigel, Haidee
Rew, Russell & Juli
Rivas, Teresa
Robinson, Maurene
Roesch, Robert
Ruttenberg, Stan
Saltzman, Barry
Sawyer, Karyn
Schmidt, Cynthia
Schmoll, Kathryn
Schroeder, Thomas A.
Schurr, Volker
Serafin, Robert J.
Sharpe, Kathleen
Shaw, Glenn
Siders, Susie
Siemsen, Pete
Simerly, Carolyn
Smith, Ronald B.
Snow, John T.
Snow, Robert and Elmyrta
Sondeen, Tracy
Southwick, Charles
Spangler, Timothy
Sperry, Paul D.
Strand, Kathryn
Strange, Jennifer
Suer, Roseann
Sun, Jielun
Sylvester, Pat
Takle, Eugene
Tan, Bob
Thompson, Betty J.
Ting, Laura
Vali, Gabor
VanAndel, Joseph
Walls, Fonda
Washington, Warren
Wentz, Deneen and Ray
Westberg, Hal
Whitehurst, Carl D. Jr.
Wilkening, Laurel
Williams, Phillip Lee
Wilson, Dan
Winkelman, Shawn
Wolff, Ed and Mary
Woods, Terry
Woyna, Kristian
Wu, Qian
Yeong-Jer Lin, Frank
Zeigler, Sandra