If you have clicked on all the other previous exhibits and resources in the building, you have visited almost all the places in the Mesa Lab that our visitors on foot can see. As these visitors purchase a memento of their visit here at our new Science Store before they leave, they often like to toss a coin into the Gravity Well near the front door. We use their contributions to help us purchase more exhibits; we also like to think of the gravity well as the coin-toss for good luck that will bring them back to visit us again.

We hope you, our Virtual Tour visitor, have enjoyed the time spent learning about our science through our lobby exhibits. Although the Buildings, Science/Staff, and Resources links are briefer than the Exhibits link, we think they will provide you with additional useful information about us. Click here to return to the Virtual Tour main menu.

If you would like to have a virtual copy of the "Welcome to the World of Atmospheric Research" brochure that visitors take home when they visit us in person, just click on http://www.ucar.edu/outreach/welcome/.